Travel Gear Review: TRTL Pillow

Another long-haul flight means another travel pillow to try out. So on my outbound flight to Australia, I got a chance to try out the TRTL Travel Pillow.

Although, this isn’t really your traditional travel pillow. In fact it isn’t really a pillow at all. I feel like a travel scarf might be a more accurate description of this bad boy.


The TRTL Travel Pillow

So what the hell is this thing? It’s pretty much a triangular wedge of plastic that supports your jaw against your shoulder, attached to some soft fleece fabric that secures it in place around your neck.

Well I told you it wasn’t traditional, pal.

It’s also quite hard to work it out when you first get it out of the packaging, like what am I meant to do with this thing? But handily they’ve put stickers to show your when it should go – where to place the back of your neck, etc.



Although I gotta say that when it’s on you definitely get a bit of attention from other passengers! But don’t you worry gurl, they just jealous. I tried the red one, but Josh had a crack at the black one and it was definitely more subtle if you don’t want funny looks.

But does it actually work, I hear you cry!

Well, I liked it. It’s not a substantial pillow like I said, more of a scarf, but it has enough integrity to hold your head upright. There’s nothing worse than your head rolling about and waking you up every 5 minutes.  It’s also surprisingly comfy considering there’s not much to it really. I really dislike any pillows that go behind your head because they’re just never comfortable for me. The TRTL travel pillow is just to the side so you can have your head back on the seat but with the support to the side so you can nod off.

The instructions on the packaging definitely explain it better than I can:



But you do have to put it on quite tight so it’s flush with your neck. Otherwise you don’t feel that much support. Luckily the velcro it fastens with is very strong as well so doesn’t come apart in the middle of your precious nap time. Plus, it keeps you quite toasty in that chilly plane air-con!

It’s basic cushioning also means that it’s not too bulky to pack when it’s all wrapped up. So it’s more practical for backpacking than the likes of other travel pillows. It would fit nicely in your hand luggage or under the top flap of your backpack.


One of my fave things about the TRTL travel pillow though is that it’s stuck to your neck. I didn’t realise that this would make a difference, but you know when you’re just having a snooze and then the flight attendant comes over with breakfast, it’s nice that you can just sit up and take the tray and you don’t have to rearrange everything. This is a weird one, I realise as I’m writing this. I think when I’m flying I just feel like my stuff is all over the gaff. I liked that it didn’t go anywhere is what I’m saying, I didn’t have to manoeuvre anything.

Ok I’m babbling.

Overall I liked the TRTL travel pillow / scarf extravaganza. It’s not overly complicated, just like a scarf that gives you support come nap time. Pretty cool ay? It retails at £24.95 and you can buy it over here on Amazon.

Have you tried the TRTL travel pillow? What did you think? Any other travel pillows you could recommend? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!


Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains complimentary press samples but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that, shorty.

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