The Best of ‘Festival Shops’ For Travelling Clothes

I’ve been on that festival hype lately, what with going to Glastonbury next week (6 days to go!) and posting about how similar festivals are to going travelling (see post here). Well I’ve discovered that the specially selected ‘Festival Shops’ on High Street retailers’ websites are the best place to buy clothes for your travels! Everything is boho and gorgeous with printed fabrics and clothes suitable for hot climates. Ideal.

I mean, most retailers will have a holiday section or a ‘Hot Shop’, but this tends to be mainly swimwear and cover-ups. A ‘Festival Shop’ is where you’ll find the fabulous denim shorts and sandals you covet. And in Summer 2015, this also means you’ll find the seventies dream that is fringing and flares. Delicious.

So I have decided to give you a rundown of the best pieces in those ‘Festival Shops’! Go get your fringe on.

Topshop Festival ShopASOS Festival Shop

New Look Festival Shop

Urban Outfitters Festival Shop

What a dream.

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