So Rucksacks are Cool Now.

I massively avoided the rucksack as my ‘day bag’ choice before I began my trip. Because to be honest, they weren’t all that stylish at the time. And also, I didn’t want to be one of those travelling wankers with their backpack on their back and their rucksack on their front.

I soon changed my mind when I was out there. I realised that rucksacks have a certain backpacking charm, much like half an arm of friendship bracelets. And that double backpack-rucksack-combo is actually the most comfortable way to haul all of your stuff around. Just give in to it.

Well the good thing for those of you going travelling now is… they’re massively on-trend! So there are tonnes of cute styles to choose from on the high street. You don’t need to resort to Millets.

Heres a selection of my favourites out there right now:

image1xxl image1xxl-7 image1xxl-6 image1xxl-5 image1xxl-4 image1xxl-3 image1xxl-2 image1xxl-1 5771415241120_102_b

All added to my pinterest board with prices and links to the products. Obvs.

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