Food Diaries: Where To Eat In Wroclaw, Poland

As you can probably gather from last week’s post about the amazing brunch I had in Wroclaw, I was massively impressed with the city’s foodie scene. Particularly because I had very low expectations to start with.

My previous experience with Eastern European food hasn’t been great. I had Czech food in Prague and didn’t like it. And although I liked the food I ate on my Ljubljana food tour, it was still not my scene.

You see, I’m fussy with meat and don’t eat seafood which makes travelling difficult sometimes. I just tend to go veggie when I’m abroad.

So Poland? I figured it’d be the same grisly meat-on-the-bone type of dish with a rich sauce. But it turns out… I massively enjoyed EVERY meal I had in Wroclaw! Granted it wasn’t all traditional Polish but I found some really exceptional restaurants and wanted to tell you all about them.

If you haven’t already, check out my post on the two kickass brunch restaurants I visited too, because they were really A+.

Wroclaw, Poland

Where To Eat In Wroclaw


This was the first place I went to in Wroclaw. I’d decided that I wanted to eat Polish food to see what the deal was and after wandering around the Main Square area, discovered Kociolek. It looked quite nice inside so gave it a go, and was not disappointed.

To start Josh and I shared “Roasted Potatoes with Spinach, Bacon and Bechamel Sauce”. Yeah, bye diet.

But it was amazing. It was more like big chunks of gammon than bacon but was tasty even by my picky standards. And the potatoes were so good.

Then for mains, Josh ordered the most amazing baby back ribs and I had a vegetarian “Gliniak”, which was pretty much a massive pile of roasted vegetables and potatoes. Real nice.

Spoiler: Everything in Poland seems to come with potatoes. And I am very much here for that.

Address: Nożownicza 2-4, 48-300 Wrocław, Poland

Kociolek, Wroclaw

Kociolek, Wroclaw

Kociolek, Wroclaw

Mango Mama

After a few consecutive Polish meals, I was craving Asian food and was tempted into Mango Mama by the amazing smell from outside. It seemed like it was kinda like a Wagamama’s Asian Fusion type restaurant but it also served Indian food.

It meant I could order Chinese starters, have an Indian main and Thai tea. Genius. Why does this not exist in the UK?!

The chicken Rainbow Jalfrezi was insanely succulent and full of flavour. Even the naan was amazing.

My only advice is to not have too many starters (Josh and I shared 3) to save room for dessert because that looked awesome too.

Address: Jedności Narodowej 77, 50-262 Wrocław, Poland

Mango Mama, Wroclaw

Mango Mama, Wroclaw

Mango Mama, Wroclaw

Pizza & Crafts

On our last night, Josh had declared he wanted pizza. Now I realise this is one too many non-Polish dinners than is acceptable. But we’d put a pin in our healthy eating kick for this trip and Josh needed to have pizza before we went home and back to our diet. Lol. Not how it works, but whatever you tell yourself, babes.

And so I tracked down the nearest pizzeria – Pizza & Crafts.

I was secretly hoping this would be some kind of eating-pizza-whilst-weaving-baskets establishment. Or painting plates or something. But alas, crafts = craft beers.

I mean I like craft beers, but it’s no making candles.

Nevertheless, the pizza was amazing and the restaurant was quirky, with Josh’s seat actually being a wardrobe filled with cushions. Can you ask for anything more?

Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 39, 50-077 Wrocław, Poland

Pizza & Crafts

Pizza & Crafts

Pizza & Crafts

Vinyl Cafe

Lastly, the most amazing coffee shop – The Vinyl Cafe.

I went here on a recommendation and really liked the cosy little cafe. The coffee was delicious, they played classic records, had vintage furniture and music memorabilia on the walls. Oh and they also do cake.

Definitely pop in here if you can!

Address: Kotlarska 35-36, 50-120 Wrocław, Poland

The Vinyl Cafe, Wroclaw

The Vinyl Cafe, Wroclaw

Those are my top recommendations for food in Wroclaw – do let me know if you make it to any of them!

Let me know what you think in the comments below, tweet me @HeelsInBackpack or find me over on Insta at @Heels.In.My.Backpack!

Wroclaw Dwarf

2 thoughts on “Food Diaries: Where To Eat In Wroclaw, Poland

  • 23rd January 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Nice! It all looks so amazing! I have been to Poland few times, but I never actually got to go to Wroclaw. It looks really nice, I think I will for sure go there next time for at least few days. As most of my Polish friends live in Warsaw I usually stay there. It is such a nice city with plenty of attractions and culinary spots. One of my absolutely favorite ones is called “Akademia”. It’s a restaurant with Polish cuisine, but very modern one. Everything they serve is always so delicious! I can’t wait to go back to Poland 🙂


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