BRB, Off To Poland With Wizz Air

Fresh off my winter sun break to Spain and I’m off again! But this time to a vastly different destination and climate. I’m heading to Wroclaw, Poland with the babes over at Wizz Air!

Wizz Air

You may remember I went to Slovenia with Wizz Air earlier in the year and had such a fab time (check out my posts from Ljubljana and Lake Bled over here). Well on that trip I just picked a destination I wanted to go to from the fab list of places they fly to. But this time, I took a totally different approach to choosing where to go to for a long weekend. I used their brand new and shiny Trip Planner!

As someone who likes to visit destinations I don’t know that much about (I just think it’s more exciting if you haven’t seen it all over Instagram), this was a winner. You just put in what kind of trip you’re looking for and it recommends a bunch of destinations.

I think it’s a pretty cool concept, especially as you can narrow it down by budget and length of stay to get your ideal destination. And because Wizz Air fly to a lot of Eastern Europe destinations, there are so many places that aren’t your ordinary city breaks, y’know? It’s not all Paris and Barcelona, more like Timisoara and Riga (two places I definitely need to visit soon!).

Anyway, I tried a few different options but decided to look for a “city break” that was “off the beaten track” and had “cheap beer”. And hello Wroclaw!

Wroclaw Poland Pixabay

I literally know nothing about Wroclaw (I can’t even pronounce it) but it looks quite pretty with colourful buildings. And considering it’s the end of November I’m hoping there will be a nice Christmas market to wander. Plus, cheap beer. So it should be a fun weekend!

I’m going with Josh and we’ve rented a lil’ studio apartment off of Airbnb. And I have a feeling this trip is going to make me feel VERY festive with the lights and the cold and the cozy flat. Yay!

I’m very excited about it.

So anyhow, watch this space for Poland blog posts or go follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to in this off the beaten track destination! Fingers crossed for snow.

Would you use the Wizz Air Trip Planner? Have any tips for Wroclaw?? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @HeelsInBackpack!

Wroclaw Poland Pixabay

Total Blogger Transparency: This post is in collaboration with Wizz Air but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that, shorty.

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