10 Signs You Grew Up In London

I never realised I was such a Londoner until I actually left London. But I guess that’s always the case right? You don’t realise you have an accent until you move to another country and you don’t realise you grew up in an urban city environment until you get a breath of fresh countryside air.

So I thought I’d whip up a quick list of the things London has instilled in me. Because I’ll always walk faster than everyone else…

London Eye

1. You Walk Faster Than Other Humans

I’m not sure whether it’s the slow tourists on the streets that just make us move faster in rage? Or maybe it’s the sheer size of London and how spread out everything is that makes us always in a hurry? Either way, the rest of the world needs to catch up.

2. You Always Carry A Bottle Of Water Everywhere

I think this is partly to do with how long it takes to get everywhere, but always because of how often Londoners get stuck on tubes and trains. If you’ve ever been stuck on a Southeastern train for 3 hours without anything to drink, you know what I’m saying.

3. You Always Know Where Your Valuables Are

I didn’t know this was a London thing until I left, but people in other towns and cities will just leave their valuables out in the open. Like putting their purse on the bar when ordering a drink or walking around with their phone in their back pockets. Just not caring about possible crime.

None of that in LDN, pal. In London you grow up vigilant. And pretty paranoid tbf.

4. Happy Hour Is The Key To A Good Night

The rest of the UK does pre-drinks then goes out at 10pm to save money. But when you need to catch the last train home, it’s straight out after work to make the most of the happy hours on offer. Pissed by 9pm, grab a box from Chicken Cottage and home by midnight. Job done.

Otherwise the alternative is pretty dire…


5. The Night Bus Is Hell On Earth

It sounds like such a dream. Party all night, have the best time ever and just pop yourself onto the 24/7 bus home! Yeah… well… God speed, my friend. Try not to get stabbed.

6. You Never Speak To Strangers

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” Err you what bruv? This guy is definitely trying to steal my bag.

No but seriously, this is the first thought that goes through your head whenever anyone tries to speak to you on the tube. It’s just not what we do, k? We pretty much read the Metro just to avoid eye contact with other humans.

7. Your Knowledge of UK Geography Is Pretty Poor

Is there even anything North of Watford? Just Scotland, nah?


8. You Have A Love / Hate Relationship With Pop-Up Events

They’re cool and fun and amazing and “hey let’s go to the pop-up vintage, street food and record coffee shop next weekend?” London is awesome! But oh wait, the queues, the expense, the self-hatred.

9. You Can’t Resist A Rooftop Bar

Because you can see some of the best city views in the world with a gin a tonic in your hand, surrounded by pretty flowers. Where else in the world has bars this cool?

10. You’re Ruined For Other Cities

Because despite the transport and the extortionate prices, it’s always better in London.

Big Ben

Wbu? Has the place you grew up in influenced your personality and your quirks? If you grew up in London, do you agree with these things? Anything else you’d add?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

5 thoughts on “10 Signs You Grew Up In London

  • 20th July 2017 at 10:22 am

    Is carrying a bottle of water really a London thing? I always carry water, it’s just common sense lol.

    • Kara // Heels In My Backpack
      20th July 2017 at 12:00 pm

      I mean, I thought it was just common sense, but when I moved out of London people don’t seem to do it? Maybe it’s a big city thing?

  • 5th August 2017 at 6:10 pm

    So so true about all of them points. I laughed a little bit about “walking fast”, I recently went to see my friends in Berlin and I was speeding everywhere- my friends literally had to force me to slow down. The “speedy walk” returned as soon as stepped out of Gatwick Airport lols. Thank you for a lovely and witty post absolutely loved reading it.


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