The Ultimate Girly Day in Shoreditch, London

As a rule, I tend to think ahead about what I’m going to blog about. So if I’m going out somewhere and I think it might be quite interesting, I’ll bring along my proper camera, I’ll take note of prices, I’ll generally have an idea in my head of how the article is going to go.

But every now and then you need a bit of sponteneity in your life, right? Well I do anyway. So last week I went for a casual brunch with some of my girl friends and it spontaneously turned into an awesome day of fun and frivolity in London.

And now I’m thinking I need to tell you guys about it because it was a laugh and you might like some of the places we went.

But you see, I didn’t have the proper camera so this is just phone photos. And I got completely wasted so a few things are a lil blurry in my memory… But hey, take what you want from it. I pretty much just want to tell you about a fun day I had with my gal pals in LDN.

Gal pals in Shoreditch

Bottomless brunch

I REALLY researched where I should go for brunch with my pals. I knew I wanted it to be bottomless but I also wanted the food to be delicious, so I booked a table at Lanatana Cafe in Shoreditch for £35 a head. It’s a 2 minute walk from Old Street station and first impressions, I liked the set-up. It’s quite a relaxed vibe with fairy lights and friendly staff. All the best things.

The only thing was that the bottomless drinks – mimosas, bloody marys and prosecco – only lasted an hour and a half, whereas other brunches are usually 2 hours. But I’ve also heard that the service can be really slow at these places so you don’t get as many drinks as you think you will. But we managed to polish off 6 glasses each which I was pretty happy with.

Oh and the food was really amazing. I had corn fritters with roasted tomatoes, smashed avocado, streaky bacon and lemon creme fraiche and ordered a side of chorizo to go with it. And gosh, was it crazy good.

And you gotta admit, a delicious plate of brunch goodness + 2 mimosas + 4 glasses of prosecco for £35 is amazingly good, especially for London. Thumbs up Lantana!

Lantana cafe Shoreditch

Lantana Cafe Shoreditch

Lantana Cafe Shoreditch

Lantana Cafe Shoreditch

Junkyard golf

Well obvs those 6 drinks got the ball rolling and we were like yeah let’s go to another bar! This was at 1.30pm FYI. So after another bottle of Prosecco in Flight Club nearby (a bar which is big on darts, also a good find), we had the fantastic idea of going to try out Junkyard Golf.

This is a crazy golf place, set-up in an old brewery warehouse, where the courses are made from random items sourced from – you guessed it – junkyards. Plus there are bars along the course and good music and neon lights. It’s all very Shoreditch.

We had about an hour wait (so promptly went to the bar across the road for another bottle of Prosecco…) but once it was our slot, we chose to do the PABLO course. 9 holes of jungle-themed madness.

Verdict? It was a lot of fun.

I think the day drinking had something to do it though as there was a lot of Liberty X dancing with the golf clubs and missing balls and posing with animal statues throughout the course… But I think even sober it would be cool. I mean, it’s crazy golf and booze and pigs driving speedboats… (Yeah that’s a thing). Plus they serve pick and mix at the bar. How could it not be fun?

Junkyard Golf London

Junkyard Golf London

Junkyard Golf London

Junkyard Golf London

Prosecco Tour of Shoreditch

Ok calm down, this isn’t an actual tour, this is just us bar crawling through Shoreditch on a prosecco-fuelled rampage looking for happy hours!

But I mean, happy hours are important with London prices, yeah? We actually found one place with bottles of prosecco for £20 in their happy hour and they continued to supply our table with free popcorn. However by this point it’s all a blur and despite trying to map our route on Google Maps I still can’t figure out where we were. Just going to have to go back…

Prosecco in Shoreditch

Queen of Hoxton for dancing!

The spontaneous day of Shoreditch fun ended in the Queen of Hoxton, a popular London club with a rooftop bar. Not that I remember the rooftop bar at all. It was VERY messy at this point after like 10 hours of day drinking. But I do remember dancing a LOT. And taking photos in the photobooth that will never see the light of day.

This is the point where I’m like, why am I writing about somewhere I don’t even remember. But guys, I remember I had fun. That’s what matters right?

Queen of Hoxton
Photo by Queen of Hoxton

I had such an awesome day and it reminded me to leave the camera at home sometimes and just have a laugh with my besties. Although it’s a bit blurry towards the end I would totally recommend lunch at Lantana and a go at Junkyard Golf if you get the chance, both were super cool. And the best part about London is that we barely scratched the surface of Shoreditch. Another tipsy day out is definitely required…

Have you been to any of these places? What did you think? Anywhere you’d recommend for my next girls day out?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Gal pals in Shoreditch

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  • 22nd February 2017 at 6:19 pm

    haha I love this post Kara! I agree that Junkyard Golf is a lot of fun as well. We should arrange a blogger bottomless brunch day soon!


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