Backpack Review: Trespass Inverary 45L

When I first started backpacking, the all-round advice from seasoned travellers was that you were meant to spend a bit of money on your backpack. It should supposedly be the most expensive purchase you make before a big trip. And so that is the rule I have always followed, that when it comes to buying backpacks you pay for what you get.

So when Trespass got in touch with me and asked me to review one of their backpacks, I was keen to see what kind of quality I could get, seeing as their backpacks tend to be a lot more affordable than other brands. I chose to review the Trespass Inverary 45L rucksack which retails at £69.99 and is currently actually only £34.99 on their website. Can £35 actually buy you a decent backpack? Let’s see…

Trespass 45L Backpack

Trespass Inverary 45L Backpack

Good-looking design.

On first appearance, the Trepass Inverary 45L looks pretty neat. It’s quite sophisticated in black but with striking yellow details so that you can see your backpack coming on the baggage carousel. It’s not just the bright yellow either, it looks quite different to any of the backpacks I’ve seen with the one long yellow strap to the front. Pretty snazzy looking if you ask me.

Trespass Inverary 45L backpack

Pockets a-plenty.

You know I bloody love a pocket on a backpack. I just think when you’re travelling and you’re carrying all of your belongings on your back, any ounce of organisation you can shove in there helps a whole bunch.

There’s a handy inner pocket that is perfect for a laptop if you’re taking one, or alternatively flat sandals would fit in here pretty snugly. There’s also a great little pocket underneath the hood of the backpack that is ideal for your underwear. I love to have an underwear pocket in a backpack, I’m not sure if everyone does this but I just like to have it all in one place. Pretty much because I like to know when I really have to do some washing, you know?

Trespass Inverary 45L backpack

I did my test-run on the Trespass Inverary 45L backpack at Festival No. 6 the other week and the outer pockets came in really handy for storing my umbrella without making my clothes wet and keeping a bottle of water to hand in the gruelling queues. There is also a hidden front pocket for things that need to be close to hand. You know, like travel documents or charging wires. Or it could be pretty neat to use this pocket to store tickets and flyers from all of your travel adventures without them getting lost in the main compartment.

Trespass Inverary 45L backpack

Trespass Inverary 45L backpack


Another thing I love about backpacks is straps. I’m rock and roll like that. But when you’re backpacking you have moments when you realise you have too much stuff and things inevitably start getting tied to the outside of your backpack instead of going inside it. Just me?

Well at Festival No. 6, the long yellow strap at the front was perfect for squeezing my sleeping bag underneath. Or there are two elastic fastenings to the front which would be ideal for a pair of trainers or something.

Trespass 45L Backpack

Compact and comfortable.

I actually found this backpack VERY comfortable to wear, which surprised me. I figured expensive backpacks must be better on your back with all that fancy, adjustable, ergonomic jargon they go on about. But actually this Trespass bad boy was very comfy indeed!

It may be due to the compact nature of this backpack with its 45 litre volume, a size that is much smaller than my normal 55-65 litre preference. But actually it felt a lot roomier than I imagined. I mean it’s not big enough if you’re going for a working holiday in Australia or New Zealand or something, when you need a ton of clothes options, but for a few months backpacking Southeast Asia where you bring summer clothes, 45 litres is definitely enough space.

I never thought I’d say that.

Trespass Inverary 45L backpack

Value for money.

Quality-wise, I’ve been really impressed when you consider the Trespass Inverary 45L is under 35 quid. It is the same standard I would expect from a £150 backpack and I didn’t feel like any features were missing. It’s a lovely design, very practical and functional with all the pockets and straps, and very compact and comfy! All the best things.

Plus, did I mention there’s even a waterproof cover hiding underneath the backpack? Total bargs.

Trespass Inverary 45L backpack

Overall I’m really happy with this backpack and will definitely look at other Trespass lines, and more budget options in general, in the future when it comes to buying my next one. Thumbs up, Trespass!

What do you think of budget backpacks? Worth paying more or just as great? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Portmeirion, Wales

Total Blogger Transparency: This post includes complimentary press samples but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

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