Travel Fashion Fix: Primark Accessories

I’m normally super frugal and can resist the temptation of an after-work pop into Topshop. But this week I’ve been bad. I may have done a tad bit of online shopping on ASOS… I may have had a little look at the New Look sale… And I may have gotten my Primark fix… But that’s ok right? I’m allowed a little splurge every now and then, right? It doesn’t matter that I have credit card debt and need to pay off my Australia flights soon, right?


Well it’s ok because I got some really lovely things and I’ll look hella fabulous when I’m eating beans on toast for dinner.

So you’ll see a few of my lovely New Look / ASOS buys in my Prague blog posts and photos (I’m in the air as we speak!) but I wanted to share with you the Primark beauts I found yesterday. Mainly because they are all amazing for travelling and all together they cost me a whopping £18.00. Omgosh bargs.

Primark SS16 Accessories

The beaded clutch was a must, I was helpless against it. It’s all colours and patterns and sparkles and because I’m a magpie I had to buy it. It’s £8 and there are lots of different varieties like this. Go, run.

The gold sparkly trainers  are just great. I’m currently deciding which trainers I should buy to replace by completely beat Nike Air Max so these are my interim babies. At £7.00.

Primark SS16 Accessories

Red heart sunglasses have been on my hitlist for ages, they’re just fun and make a boring outfit not-so-boring. ONE POUND IN THE SALE. I feel like if something’s a pound you should just buy it regardless.

And finally a super-cute silver elephant necklace to remind me of last month’s Southeast Asia exploits… sigh… Again, it was only £2 guys. Primark is too cheap for it’s own good. And my own good.

Primark SS16 Accessories

So there are my buys for a mini travel fashion fix on a Saturday. Hope you like them.

What do you think of my Primark buys this week? Perfect for hols? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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