Travelling in Your Early Twenties VS. Your Late Twenties

Last week, I turned the grand old age of twenty eight. TWENTY. EIGHT.

Ok ok, I know it’s not the end of the world. I’m still young. I’m still in my twenties (just about). But still, it’s an age where people expect you to be sorting your life out. Aren’t you saving for a mortgage? Thinking of settling down? Isn’t your biological clock ticking, you don’t have much time you know… NOPE. Soz babes, all I want to do is travel the world, write about it on my little blog and binge-watch Luther on Netflix (my current obsession, I’m a little late to the party).

But still, it’s apparent that I’m not 21 anymore. My travelling style in particular has changed quite a bit from my early twenties…

Travelling in your Early Twenties vs. Late Twenties

Finding The Time To Travel

Early 20’s = You’re either finishing uni or in a non-committal job, and you’re likely living with your parents. Easy peasy, just up and leave, buddy. No strings attached.

Late 20’s = To Do List: Arrange a sabbatical from work, put furniture in storage, arrange where you will be staying when you get back, set aside some cash to tide you over on your return, work out how to explain a career break on your CV… Oh and you know, attempt to save travel money whilst paying rent and bills and life admin.

Graduating Uni 2010

Choosing Your Backpack

Early 20’s = The cheapest one you can find in a nice colour. Simple.

Late 20’s = By now, you’ve learnt how much a super-cheap backpack can kill your back. Sufficient research is undertaken before making your choice and you will likely go for one that looks durable and sturdy. But, yeah, a nice colour would be an added bonus.

Heels in my Backpack

Your Travel Bucketlist

Early 20’s = Full Moon Party in Thailand, Tubing in Laos, Carnival in Rio, Partying in Vegas, Sydney Mardi Gras, Glastonbury.

Late 20’s = Yoga Retreat in India, Northern Lights in Norway, Dancing in Buenos Aires, Get Jazzy in New Orleans, Glastonbury (Glasto is for everyone.)

Glastonbury - The Park

How You Get From A to B

Early 20’s = 30 hour bus ride from Koh Tao to Siem Reap? Yeah no worries, anything to save the pennies.

Late 20’s = Just get a plane, bro.

Pink VIP Bus, Cambodia

Meeting New People

Early 20’s = Oh my god I like starsigns too, shall we be best friends, let’s go to malaysia together, will you be my maid of honour in my future wedding to my non-existant fiance?

Late 20’s = Oh hey. Yeah I guess we could go for a drink. No biggie. Maybe I’ll see you again, maybe I won’t.

Koh Phangan BFFs

How You Splurge The Budget

Early 20’s = Splurge days are all about having a mad night out with your new besties and buying all of the jagerbombs ever.

Late 20’s = You’re more likely to splash the cash on a really nice boutique hotel room to break up the hostels, or a lush dinner instead of ramen.



Early 20’s = All night, every night.

Late 20’s = Every other night. You need a chill day in between now, am I right?

Night Out in Broome WA


Buying Souvenirs

Early 20’s = Er, yeah, I definitely need that wine holder, and that tablecloth, and all of those photo frames, the tackier the better… Who doesn’t need 20 snowglobes, right?

Late 20’s = Just one or two souvenirs and they will be good quality and extremely well thought out additions to my home. A sophisticated piece of artwork maybe?

(Sidebar: Check out my post on checking yourself when it comes to souvenirs…)

Southeast Asia Souvenirs

What You’re Eating

Early 20’s = Random street food, greasy burgers, bad English breakfasts in hostels, curries in Asia, steak in Argentina, fried chicken in the USA, giant pizzas in Italy…

Late 20’s = Ok still lots of the above, but more vegetables are now included. You don’t have the metabolism of a 20-year old any more. Talking of which…

La Picea Pizzeria, Levanto


Early 20’s = The ‘Sydney Stone’ and the Southeast Asia ‘Bucket Belly’ are a bitch but no worries, I’ll eat one less can of pringles and the weight will drop off.

Late 20’s = These rolls be here for life now.

Eating everything in Vietnam


When You Run Out Of Money

Early 20’s = Mum, bank transfer?

Late 20’s = Bank, overdraft extension?

Me and my Mum


Romance On The Road

Early 20’s = Let’s see how many boys I can kiss at this beach party.

Late 20’s = Maybe this guy could be my soulmate?

Bonnassola, Italy

Your Instagram photos

Early 20’s =

Early Twenties Insta

Late 20’s =

Late Twenties Insta

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When shit hits the fan

Early 20’s = Jump on a plane to somewhere else.

Late 20’s = Jump on a plane to somewhere else.



What do you think? Is there a difference between how you used to travel in your early twenties and how you travel now? Let me know if the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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  • 18th January 2016 at 3:49 pm

    You nailed it! I’m a bit older than you, but if you look at travel photos of mine from 10 years ago it tells a very similar story. Love you blog!


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