The Thai Islands in Pie Charts

I admit it, I’m a geek. To be honest I think most bloggers are on some level. Why else would we spend hours pouring over SEO and HTML? Anyway, I love a good graph. Especially those on colourful infographics. So I decided to create  my very first travel-based chart for you lovely people. Specifically about the Thai Islands.

Thailand is on most backpacker’s bucketlist and with so many Thai Islands it can be hard to choose which to visit. I mean, if you do a Google Image search, they all look like paradise. But rather than harp on at you about the differences between the islands, I’ve created this tongue-in-cheek infographic instead. It’s just for fun so take it with a pinch of salt, but I think it paints a picture of the islands from a backpacker’s point of view!

Take a look and let me know what you think!


Well, that’s my exact experience of backpacking the beautiful islands of Thailand. Obviously they’re all gorgeous but hopefully this gives you an idea of where the party islands are, where you should avoid and where to be wary of evil monkeys…

Koh PhanganKo TaoPhuketKoh Phi Phi and Krabi were the only islands I explored in Thailand but I’d love to get your feedback on the ones I missed! What would you put in for Ko Samui or Koh Lanta? Let me know!

What do you think of my infographic on ‘The Thai Islands in Pie Charts’? Did it bring back some memories? Are planning to visit any of these places? Anything you disagree with? I’d love to know so hit me up in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

If you want to pin this bad boy, I’ve also added it to the Heels In My Backpack Pinterest board, here.

Stay tuned for more fabulous travel-based infographics!

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