Monthly Roundup: August 2015


Well August was definitely an accurate representation of a typical British Summer. Two weeks of “heatwave” followed by two weeks of torrential rain. Luckily I got to spend a couple of the warmer weekends soaking up the best of life in London and writing about some of the coolest places in the capital.

Camden Lock

As you know, I like to let out my Foodie side out as much as possible, so a few food-based posts made an appearance this month.

Thai Snacks

I also reviewed some travel-based goodies this month.

I Was Here by Kate Pocrass

Finally I threw in a few destination-based articles for good measure. This is a travel blog after all.

Bangkok, Thailand


I’ve had a lot of awesome activity on Social this month with my 30 Signs You’ve Been Backpacking Southeast Asia and 27 Signs You’ve Done A Working Holiday In Australia posts picking up over 20,000 shares on Facebook! I even had the likes of travel experts Real Gap and Tru Travels give them a share! Thanks guys, I’m really happy you liked the posts!

I also had a good month on Instagram with 740 new followers! Here’s my most popular ‘gram this month – a shot of a stormy Krabi in Thailand.

I also created some lovely travel quotes out of some of my photos which have gone down well on Twitter and Pinterest! Hope you like them.

Heels In My Backpack Travel Quotes


Other than my London gallivants, this month has entailed some classically British BBQs and garden parties. I mean just look at this photo of me and my Dad at my Grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary this month – Pimms, sausage rolls and trilbys. As British as it gets.

Summer Garden Party

Oh and no BD or anything but my boyfriend totally moved in with me. Shut up, I’m not an adult. It’s a month in and I haven’t killed him yet, but I’ll make no promises (one more wet towel on the bed and it’s over).

Shacking up.

But I’ve mainly been spending this month planning the awesome adventures I’ll be having over the next couple of months…


New shoes! I went a bit mental on shoes this month but I definitely needed them all…

New shoes cure the blues.

  • Neon lace trainers are £22.99 from New Look’s new sportswear range (I’ll be reviewing more of it next month).
  • Bronze shiny brogues are £24.99 from New Look. So pretty.
  • Red tassle flats are £6 from Primark. Completely essential.
  • Vintage Nikes were £15 from a London boutique! Total barg.

Blogging > Jogging

I also bought the best tee ever from Adolescent Clothing (£18). Never have I seen an item of clothing that more represents my life.


Sneak peek time. What adventures will I be getting up to next month….

Bestival 2015

First up I’m going to BESTIVAL to stay at the STA Travel hostel! I know right, the stuff that dreams are made of. I won’t say too much as I will be dedicating several posts on the delights of both STA’s awesome on-site hostel as well as the Summer of Love that is Bestival! But to say I’m excited is an understatement. Aaaahhhhhh! <Insert heart eyes emoji here>

My second incredible adventure is a trip to CATALONIA, Spain to try out the art of Cyclotourism! That’s travel jargon for exploring a destination by the medium of a bike! I won’t lie I’m a bit worried about the fact that I’ve only been to the gym twice this month (and it was mainly so I could wear my new Fabletics outfit), so I think it might be tough. But I hear there will be wine and tapas involved so I’m all over that shit.

Such an exciting month coming up. And don’t worry, I will be sharing all of my fun and frolics on the blog and on social!

What did you think of August on Heels? Are you lusting over London? Isn’t that blogging tee the best thing ever? And how about the sneak peek of next month – excited much? Leave a comment below or Tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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