9 Foods You Absolutely Have To Try in Thailand

You know I’m a massive foodie. So whenever I go on a trip, my bucketlist normally contains some delicious delicacies to try. Here’s what should be on yours if you’re planning a trip to Thailand.

Pad Thai Street Food, Bangkok

1) Pad Thai

Pad Thai has to be the number 1 dish to try in Thailand. It’s a Thai staple that consists of stir fried noodles with egg, beansprouts and some chopped peanuts on top. Plus a load of flavour and seasoning of course. And the best place to get it? On the streets! Street food is just amazing in Thailand and Pad Thai from a Bangkok street vendor is as good as it gets.

Morning Glory (Photo from thaicooks.com)
Morning Glory (Photo from thaicooks.com)

2) Morning Glory

My go-to order in Thailand – water spinach with a ton of garlic and chilli served with perfectly cooked rice. And it has a funny name. What’s not to love?

Massaman Curry

3) Massaman Curry

My favourite Thai curry, Massaman has a kick to it but doesn’t blow your head off. It’s also rich and full of flavour. Definitely try it out! Or do as I did and whip one up yourself in a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai…

Corn in a Cup (Photo from discover-nyp)
Corn in a Cup (Photo from discover-nyp)

4) Cup of Corn

This is totally random but it’s a thing to buy a cup of sweetcorn as a tasty snack in Thailand. I discovered this at the train station in Bangkok waiting to board an overnight train down to Surat Thani. The buttery corn was a good start to the journey.

Thai Snacks5) Thai Snacks

Bit of a generalisation but I just love the Thai snacks that accompany a meal! An assortment of fruits, nuts and thai mix. Delicious.

Hello Pandas6) Hello Pandas

My absolute favourite thing to buy from the 7-11 in Southeast Asia. These biscuit treats are filled with chocolate and adorned with a cute panda doodle. What’s not to love? Beware, these are totally addictive and will contribute to the inevitable weight gain you face in this part of the world.

Mango & Sticky Rice (photo from bangkokbeyond.com)
Mango & Sticky Rice (Photo from bangkokbeyond.com)

7) Mango & Sticky Rice

Who knew this would go together so well? Sweet and refreshing, a helluva dessert. The best part is this dish always tends to be pretty cheap. Winner.

Thai Green Curry

8) Thai Green Curry

A classic Thai dish in any Thai restaurant around the world, but none as delicious as those you can get in Thailand. Although it’s definitely spicier than at home! You have to do it though right?


9) Sangsom Bucket

Fine, this isn’t exactly a food. But a bucket of alcohol is a must in Thailand right? Sangsom is the local whiskey and tends to be the cheapest option on the buckets menu. It’s also hideously strong when you mix the bottle of whiskey with the one can of Redbull and one can of coke you areoffered inside the DIY bucket… Totally lethal, be safe kids!

Oh god I’m hungry just writing this. But seriously, Thailand is full of fabulous new things to try and everything is always so full of flavour! Have you been to Thailand? What was your favourite dish? Comment below or tweet me @Heelsinbackpack!


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