Monthly Roundup: June & July 2015

Well the last two months went by pretty fast. So much so that June passed by in a flash without a monthly roundup in sight. And I only started doing them in May so it doesn’t bode very well does it? That’s ok, two birds and all that… Here’s the lowdown on June and July 2015 on Heels In My Backpack.


It’s summer. YES. And you know what that means? Festivals. So quite a few posts in June and July were about all things festival in the UK…

You may have realised this was mainly brought on from my first ever experience of Glastonbury Festival. And it was amazing. Where else in the world can you watch Lionel Richie, then pop to the Circus and finish with a silent disco? Fingers crossed I get tickets for next year…


Glastonbury with the Besties


I was also fortunate enough to visit the quirky city of Berlin in July! Such a cool place to visit and I really enjoyed exploring on foot. Cue Berlin related posts…

  • The Best of Berlin Street Art. My favourite pieces of street art in Berlin, from around Kreutzberg and on the Berlin Wall itself at the Eastside Gallery. It’s pretty damn cool.

Berlin Street Art - East Side Gallery

Brandenburger Tor

Other Posts in June & July

A mix of product reviews and destination-based thingymebobs.



So that was the last two months on Heels! There was a lot going on, right? Let me know what you thought, any posts you liked or didn’t like, any products I’ve reviewed that you tried out, etc. Cheers babes. Now back to my summer…

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