Product Review: The ‘In Transit’ Range by This Works

This Works

As soon as I see the words ‘In Transit’ and the pretty passport stamp design on the packaging of the ‘This Works’ products, I’m intrigued. Beauty products designed for travel? Yes please.

I tried 2 products from this range – ‘In Transit Camera Close-Up’ and ‘In Transit Skin Defence’ – and threw in the ‘This Works Can’t Sleep Kit’ for good measure. Here’s what I thought…

This Works

This Works In Transit Skin Defence

This product is a super hydrating moisturiser with SPF30, which I think is such a good idea. On more than one occasion I have packed a nice moisturiser for the plane, got off the other side and realised I don’t have my sun cream to hand. And then inevitably burn en-route to my hostel. First world problems, I know. But this solves it with handy SPF30 broad-spectrum sun protection built in!

This Works In Transit Skin Defence

I really liked this one for a long haul flight. It is really moisturising, doesn’t feel too greasy and even has anti-aging properties (can’t hurt, right?). And at 40ml you can include it in your hand luggage, so there’s no fussing about with transferring it into travel-sized bottles. I really hate doing that.

My only negative would be that it does leave your face quite shiny. Which obviously isn’t a problem during a flight or on an overnight bus, but I was hoping that it could be used throughout your trip to save space. Although thinking about it, I think your after-sun would probably be used on your trip anyway, and this guy can just be for when you’re ‘in-transit’. It’s not crazy cheap at £29.00 but I would definitely invest, just to save your skin on those long journeys.

This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up

This product really caught me eye as it’s a mask, moisturiser and primer in one! I’m a sucker for products that do more than one thing and wanted to try it out.

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up

Now this one wasn’t as moisturising as ‘skin defence’ but it made my skin look lovely! It wasn’t too shiny and gave me a nice glow. The box states that ‘Skin will feel slightly dewy and perfectly prepped for make-up’… It was right on the dewy front, my skin definitely looked nice, but I wouldn’t agree that it’s a good base for make-up. I use BB Cream and when I put it on top of the primer, it turned into clumps on my face! I assume this is because the product is creating a barrier between the make-up and my skin so cannot be absorbed. It would probably be good for powder make-up, but not cream. Despite this I would definitely use it on no-make-up days, just for the nice glow.

I don’t think you need both of these products, especially since they are both around the £30 mark, so I would recommend the ‘Skin Defence’ moisturiser with SPF as your carry-on product. Super hydrating and didn’t need re-applying too often.

I’m keen to try other products in the This Works ‘In Transit’ range – they have carry-on sized make up removing pads, that brighten your complexion at the same time, as well as a first aid spray-on antiseptic. You can see the full range here. All very exciting products. I’ll keep you posted on those.

This Works Can’t Sleep Kit

Now this isn’t part of the ‘In-Transit’ range, but I wanted to try it regardless. It can be difficult to sleep on overnight buses and trains, so a spray that helps you sleep has got to be a winner.

This Works Can't Sleep Kit

I love this product. I love the smell of lavender and this spray helps me drift off straight away! It comes with 2 tubes included – a spray for your pillow (or travel pillow), and a oil you can apply to wrists or add to a tissue and inhale the vapours. Well I’m a fan of the pillow spray and it just really helps me sleep. It is a bit of a luxury item, but at 5ml it is so small, you’ll find room for it. And £10 to be able sleep on the plane is a bargain in my eyes (I really like my sleep). You can buy yours here.

Have you tried the This Works ‘In Transit’ range? What did you think?

This Works

* Please note this is a sponsored post but all views expressed are my own! I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

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