Hit The Beach: Bikini Selection is No Joke

Maya Bay, Thailand
Maya Bay, Thailand

The important stuff. Let’s talk swimwear.

Bikinis feel like an integral part of your outfit on your travels. I wore one almost everyday in Southeast Asia and in the travelling portion of my Australia trip. And even once I was settled and working in Oz, I wore one most weekends. So I think it’s important to bring a good selection.

I brought 4 on my Asia/Australia trip and ended up buying another on Khao San Road for variety’s sake. And there was not much to choose from to be honest.

I know there are backpackers that will fight me on this. But come on, look at my travelling photos…

Green Bikini Montage

I can’t imagine taking fewer bikinis. There would be even more photos of me in the same green bikini!! And it’s not like they take up much room right?

I’d recommend taking a mixture of swimwear styles, so that you minimise tan lines. It’s tempting to buy the gorgeously chic styles that are out at the moment – retro high-waisted bottoms with bralette tops, cropped tankinis with wrap around straps, glam cut out swimsuits… But think of the tan lines, people. You can definitely bring one of these beauts, but mix it up with bandeaus and triangle bikinis to even out the tan. I saw loads of girls walking round with ridiculous white patches because of their bikini choice and it’s laughable. Don’t be that girl.

Another thing I would recommend is making sure that one or two of your bikinis are plain. Patterns and prints get boring when you’re wearing them all the time, but I never tired of my plain ones. A good mix is key I think.

I’d also make sure that a swimsuit is part of the mix, with fairly conservative coverage. I say this because of a particular experience I had in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam…

A new travelling pal I’d made had heard of a water park nearby and it sounded like a fun day out of the city, so a group of us decided to go. When we arrived, it was clear this was a local water park, not at all catered to foreigners. That’s great, I hear you exclaim, get off the beaten track, see how the locals really do! Well yes that sounds awesome, but you see, the Vietnamese are not really fans of the bikini… This soon became apparent as we realised that everyone was wearing surf-esque t-shirts and long shorts. Men, women and children alike gawked at our, what now felt revealing and offensive, 2 piece bikinis. Literally pointing, laughing and, even though I don’t speak Vietnamese, taking the piss. I’ve never felt more inappropriate in my entire life. ‘Mortified’ doesn’t cover it.

Water Park in Ho Chi Minh City
Water Park in Ho Chi Minh City
Not a bikini in sight... Water Park in Ho Chi Minh City
Not a bikini in sight… Water Park in Ho Chi Minh City

So here’s my top tip: Bring some sort of swimsuit to avoid cultural faux pas!!

Here’s my selection of wonderfully stylish but equally affordable swimsuits and bikinis out there right now. All links added to my pinterest board obvs. http://www.pinterest.com/heelsin/off-of-the-high-street/

Swimsuits Triangle Bikinis Retro bikinis

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