I didn’t take Bio Oil with me. I bought it once I was in Australia but I wish I had had it in Asia.



Here’s why…

Pretty much everyone I met in Asia had some kind of injury. I don’t know what it is about Asia. Maybe because everyone lets go of their inhibitions, drinks too much and does stupid things… Ok confession time – first week travelling, half moon party, heavily intoxicated, tripped over, apparently my face fell into my bucket and I busted my knee open.

Yep. I’m a classy girl.

So what does this have to do with bio oil? Scars. My knee was horrid and was out in the open for all to see for the full 3 months I was there. I wish I had bio oil to make it less scary-looking.

This is probably a good point to tell you to bring a first aid kit. Seriously it’s an essential. Just a small one is necessary.

Then there’s mosquito bite scars. We all get them and bio oil works a treat at making your legs look photo ready.

Also, bio oil is great for sun burn. It’s hydrates the skin and soothes the burn. And if you’re prone to getting blemishes in hot climates, you can use bio oil on your face to even out your skin tone.

Bet you didn’t know how awesome bio oil is right? All you need is the small version of the bottle pictured so it’s not too bulky.

Just something to think about!

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  • 24th September 2012 at 7:27 pm

    this sounds mega cheap, but wilkinsons do a great version of bio oil for £1.99. I can’t remember what its called exactly, but like so many things the packaging is basically a rip off of the original. I bought some a few months ago for some stretch marks and wow was it good! (sorry this is starting to sound like an advert!)

    I’ve never actually bought the original bio oil though so I cant vouch for how good it is against that, but when youre on a budget Id rather spend £2 than £8.


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