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On Heels In My Backpack I often work on collaborations with brands, providing they are relevant and useful to my readers. I currently offer the following services:

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Sponsored posts and videos
  • Sponsored social media campaigns
  • Press trip features
  • Freelance writing and content creation
  • Sponsorships & ambassadorships
  • Direct advertising in sidebar and footer
  • Product reviews and competitions

Please note I will not accept any pre-written advertorials or any collaborations that are not to do with travel, fashion or beauty. Read: no bingo sites please.

What’s in it for you?

With an engaged and niche audience, Heels In My Backpack is an ideal platform for brands relating to backpacking, budget travel, female travel and travel fashion and beauty. I have a large social media following with a reach of over 85,000, including 42K Instagram followers, and have experience working with high profile brands.

The Heels In My Backpack reader is a twenty-something girl who wants to travel the world but do so in style. She wants to go backpacking and have cool and unusual travel experiences, but she’s taking the straighteners with her!


Kara’s Profile

So who the hell am I? I’m a twenty-something girl from London, with a Fashion Management degree from London College Of Fashion, a 9-5 in the retail industry and a passion for travel. Heels In My Backpack grew from my initial experiences backpacking where I followed advice from fellow travellers to avoid bringing heels or lipstick on my travels… And massively regretted it.

Today, I use my experience to combine the worlds of budget travel and backpacking with being glam and fashionable on the road.

ASOS Ditsy Maxi Dress

A wealth of experience

I have been featured in the following online publications:


And have worked with the following brands (just a few featured!):


I am passionate about what I do and am open to all collaboration suggestions. So please get in touch if you like what you see!

If you would like further information about brand opportunities or would like me to send over my full Media Kit, please get in touch :


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