January Faves 2018

Oh gahd, has this been the longest month ever?! I know it’s my birthday month but January is still a killer. Here’s what’s been happening in my world in the last 31 days.

January Faves 2018

This month I’ve been celebrating… my 30th birthday!

You already know all about what I did for my 30th birthday – I explored Copenhagen with my besties! They threw me a surprise party in our Airbnb, we explored the city and sang our little hearts out at a karaoke bar. It was SO much fun.

Well that’s pretty much the biggest thing that’s happened in January so I figured it needed the top spot in my Faves list.

Now I’m planning Josh’s 30th next month – a fun weekender in London! So keep your eyes peeled for that one, kiddo.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

This month I’ve been wearing… my Olivia Burton watch and Pandora ring.

A couple of special presents I got for the big 3-0: an Olivia Burton watch from my three best girl friends, Kate, Sam and Lauren, and a birthstone Pandora ring from my parents. I love them and have worn them everyday since. I think the thing about turning 30 is that you get the kind of presents that you can keep, so it means lots of jewellery!

My parents also got me matching earrings and a necklace, and my grandparents got me a bangle. These things are likely going to be things I wear now and then when they match my mood or my outfit.

But the ring and watch are officially now staples of my 2018 look.

Olivia Burton watch and Pandora ring

This month I’m baking… a rainbow birthday cake.

It was also my work bestie Mila’s birthday this month. She’s SUCH a good baker and makes everyone the most delicious cakes for their birthdays. But she said no-one has ever made her one! Well I couldn’t handle that. So I whipped up a v special rainbow birthday cake for her big day.

It definitely was nowhere near how scrumptious her cakes are but it’s the thought that counts right?!

I actually got a cake mixer for Christmas from my nan and gramps, and I loved using it for the first time on this cake. I’m hoping this is going to lead to lots more baking in my life.

Rainbow Cake

This month I’m loving… my birthday collage.

One of my presents for my 30th birthday this year, was an awesome collage of my bestest friends and family. It’s made up of photos of these total babes holding signs wishing me an A+ 30th. Isn’t it amazing? Josh organised the whole thing and it’s definitely my absolute favourite present. So thoughtful, I love it.

Birthday collage

This month I’m psyched about… being named one of the influencers to watch in 2018!

I’m super happy at being featured as part of Fashion and Beauty Monitor’s Influencers To Watch In 2018 list! They wrote some lovely stuff about me in the article and was such a massive pick-me-up to combat my January blues.

Here’s hoping I can live up to the hype with a top notch year in 2018, ay?

View from Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Anywho, that’s pretty much January covered. What have you been up to this month?

Let me know in the comments below, tweet me at @HeelsInBackpack, or find me over at Insta at @Heels.In.My.Backpack!

My 30th Birthday

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