9 Reasons You NEED To Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

I FINALLY made it to Copenhagen. After seeing every blogger on my Twitter feed visit last year, I’ve been keen to go for a while. And I figured my 30th birthday was the perfect excuse to book the trip.

I just visited for the weekend and was travelling with my 11 favourite people, so I didn’t do as much as I usually would on a city break. But I still came away with the impression that Copenhagen is a very special city. And one I’ve only just scratched the surface of.

I should also mention that I visited in January which is why Tivoli Gardens isn’t on this list. It’s like never open apparently.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

9 Reasons To Visit Copenhagen

Stunning Scandi Architecture

Any colour slut like me will have a fetish for rows of houses painted different colours. That’s pretty much my favourite thing to find when travelling.

Well in Copenhagen you don’t have to look far, as most streets are filled with pastel hues, Scandi chic architecture and rows of perfectly symmetrical white window panes. It’s dreamy.

But the main destination for this colour pop goodness is Nyhavn. Along the canal you have a rainbow of colours complete with cute boats in the harbour and even a lock bridge. Because are you even in a European city if there isn’t one?

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen


Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Hygge Life

I avoided the whole “Hygge” craze of last year. It was just too big, I saw the word everywhere so I just immediately did not want to know about it.

But actually the Danish philosophy of Hygge is 100% what I want more of in my life. It’s the simple philosophy of appreciating the cosy moments of life. It’s about wanting a blanket and a cup of tea and a candle. It’s about contentment.

Well Hygge is very much prominent in Copenhagen. They have a big cafe culture and every cafe you go in, no matter the time of day, is cosy AF.

We went to The Living Room for breakfast (get the cinnamon whirl) and it has dim lighting, candles on every table and the owner lit a crackling open fire for us when we arrived. It was heaven. I literally could have stayed in that place all damn day.

I didn’t choose the Hygge life, the Hygge life chose me.

The Living Room, Copenhagen

The Living Room, Copenhagen

Clean & Safe

Copenhagen is by far one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever visited. Hands down. And it’s the kind of place that I would feel completely safe walking home at night in. I mean I’m not suggesting you do that, because it’s not like crime-free. But still, I think feeling safe in a city is a massive plus.

I love cities like New York and Barcelona and London but I normally feel like I have to be alert, y’know? In Copenhagen, I felt completely at ease.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Really Great Hotdogs

Oh gahd, the hotdogs are great. More hotdog, less bun, loads of toppings. The full works of mustard, ketchup, onions, crispy onions and gherkins. Such an incredible combination.

There are hotdog stands dotted all over the city and they make for an amazing lunch if you’re on a budget. I actually didn’t get round to trying one until I was at the airport though, at a spot called Steff’s Place. But oh boy, they’re ace.

Steff's Place Hotdogs, Copenhagen

Oldest Observatory in Europe

You know I love a view. It’s one of those things that no matter the destination, I make sure I fit in a good view point. I just think it’s a great idea to see it from above and get your bearings, before starting to explore the city.

There are actually lots of options in Copenhagen to take in the view, but I decided to head to Rundetaarn (The Round Tower). Mainly because it’s the oldest functioning observatory in Europe, and instead of steps it has a gentle slope that revolves around until you get to the top. This was apparently so that horses could be ridden up it. I liked that, it makes it a bit different to other cities.

Near the top there’s also a glass floor in the middle that looks right down to the bottom. It’s terrifying. Don’t do it if you’re scared of heights, bro!

The Round Tower, Copenhagen

The Round Tower, Copenhagen

The Round Tower, Copenhagen

Lovely Locals

Everyone in Copenhagen was lovely. My airbnb host was amazing. Every waiter and barista I spoke to was friendly. And best of all, everyone spoke English. Which is perfect for us ignorant Brits, right?

My fave though was John, the barman that plyed me with free shots because it was my birthday. He gave me like 4 shots and then gave all 11 of my friends a shot so I wasn’t the only one being punished! FIFTEEN free shots. Wow. What a guy. If you’re in the Nyhavn area, make sure you stop by McJoys Choice for a beer because they rock.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Chic Boutiques

Ok I know prices are quite expensive in Copenhagen. But next time I come back, I definitely want to do more shopping in this city.

All of the shops just look SO cool and everyone seems to have impeccable style. You know the kind of style where everything is simple in design but made from quality fabrics. Yeah I need to do some clothes shopping there for sure. Better start saving.

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Cycling Is Bae

Copenhagen is also one of those cities where bikes outnumber cars. Everyone cycles, there are bike racks aplenty and most people don’t even lock them up. Because it’s so freaking safe.

It’s also pretty cheap to hire bikes so is definitely the best way to get around. Like I said I was in a group of 12 so it wasn’t really applicable on this trip. But it’s definitely one of those factors that makes me like a city more. Less cars means less pollution, less traffic and generally a more pleasant experience in my book.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Late-Night Nightlife

This is a late night city.

The worst thing about going out in London is when last call is at 11pm and everywhere shuts by 1am. There is no opportunity for a big night out unless you’re hitting up clubs. And clubs are the worst.

So I really liked that in Copenhagen, loads of bars and even cafes are open really late. Rumour has it there are even bars that are open 24/7.

I mean personally, I’m of the opinion that nothing good happens after 3am. But it’s still nice to not have to worry about the bar closing and having to end your night earlier than you’d like. On the Saturday night we stumbled upon a karaoke bar, Sam’s Bar and sang the night away until about 2.30am. But we left because we wanted to, the place was still open and people were still going in. Score.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Like I said, I’ve only just scratched the surface of this top notch city. I know I say this all the time about destinations I’ve liked, but I seriously want to go back here. I still need to go out in the Meatpacking District and see the hipster cafes of Norrebro and go to Copenhagen Street Food when it reopens in May. Oh and finally visit Tivoli Gardens if it’s EVER open.

But hopefully this gives you a taste of what a special city Copenhagen is. I totally recommend a visit.

Have you been to Copenhagen? What did you think?

Let me know in the comments below, tweet me at @HeelsInBackpack or find me over on Insta at @Heels.In.My.Backpack!

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

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