Where Should You Go For Your 2018 Holz?

OH HELLO 2018.


Let’s start booking trips, shall we?

We all have a bucketlist of places we want to visit, right? And if you’re anything like me it’s ridiculously long. So where do you start? How do you decide where to go on your 2018 holidays?

I decided to give you a hand with that.

Here’s a list of my top destinations for your 2018 holz. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday or a city break, I got your back, Jack.

2018 Holiday Ideas

Beach Holiday: Bali & Lombok, Indonesia

The ULTIMATE beach break is to the gorgeous islands of Bali and Lombok in Indonesia.

I’ve never seen sand as white, sea as turquoise or beaches as magnificent as the ones in the Gili Islands (Lombok). Plus there’s loads to do in Bali with surfing opportunities, gorgeous temples, coffee plantations, volcanoes and great nightlife. It’s everything you could want from a holiday. And I haven’t even told you about the food.

I mean, there’s a reason everyone in your Instagram feed is going there.

TOP TIP: Check out the Gili T street food market, everything is delicious!

Gili T sunset

Must-See City Break: Barcelona, Spain

The city I keep going back to is Barcelona. No matter what time of year, it always seems to have glorious sunshine and there’s so much to see and do in this city.

Of course there are the main tourist spots – Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, etc – but it’s a nice city to just be in. To people watch and eat tapas and drink pink cava. The people are lovely and it just has a great vibe. It’s also a fab city to cycle around if that’s your thing, because it’s really flat.

TOP TIP: Check out the Carmel Bunkers for amazing views of the city.

Park Guell, Barcelona

Underrated City Break: Ljubljana, Slovenia

More people need to visit Ljubljana because it’s the perfect spot for a weekend city break. It’s small enough to walk around, and is such a beautiful and photogenic city.

Take a canal boat ride down the river, see the pretty castle with it’s lovely views or take in the alternative scene in Metelkova with it’s unique art installations.

And did I mention it’s fantastic value for money? Definitely a great budget break.

TOP TIP: If you have time, try to do a day trip out to Lake Bled, it’s gorgeous!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Party Trip: New Orleans, USA

Do you have a big birthday coming up in 2018? Or a hen do? Or you just want a trip that will let you let loose with your pals and party all night?

New Orleans is the one for you.

It’s one of the only places in the US you can drink alcohol on the street so you can make your way down Bourbon Street, bar-hopping and drinking lots of delicious Hurricane cocktails (and absinthe if you’re brave enough). Oh and listen to lots of live music in late-night venues and dance the night away!

I had SO much fun in NOLA and definitely want to go back. If you fancy it for Mardi Gras (basically a massive booze-up with parades and street parties) then head there for 9th – 13th February this year!

TOP TIP: Head to the French Quarter for absolute house porn, and go on a swamp tour to spot some ‘gators!

French Quarter, New Orleans

An Fun-Filled Adventure Holiday: Iceland

By far one of the best countries I’ve visited is Iceland. And it’s because it’s so different to everywhere else. With mountains and geysers and black sand beaches and the colourful city of Reykjavik, it really has so much to see.

But it also has a LOT to do there.

Whatever it is you like to do on this kind of adventure holiday, I guarantee you can do it in Iceland. And it will be even more awesome than anywhere else. I went horse-riding in the mountains and swam in hot springs at the Blue Lagoon. But you can also go scuba-diving between tectonic plates, hike glaciers, go snowmobiling or go whale-watching. SO MANY FUN THINGS!

Can I go back, please?

TOP TIP: For something a bit different, try the Olgerdin Brewery Tour in Reykjavik!

View from above - Reykjavik

Take A Road Trip: Great Ocean Road, Australia

I love going on a road trip as part of my holiday. It means you really get to see the country. All the bits in between the tourist attractions, see what the locals see, y’know?

Well one of the best road trips ever is the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

The stretch of coast west of Melbourne is a National Heritage site with beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs and loads of wildlife. Just driving the coast is really scenic but there are lots of stops to make along the way. See the stunning Twelve Apostles, visit the Cape Otway lighthouse, take the Treetop Walk in the rainforest or just chill out at the beach!

Combine with a visit to Melbourne for the best of both worlds!

TOP TIP: Go a bit further along the road to visit Port Fairy, which is not officially part of the Great Ocean Road but is a charming and photogenic town nonetheless!

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

UK Staycation: Manchester

We can’t all go galivanting off to Australia and Bali at the drop of a hat, can we? I get it. So how about a lil staycation in 2018?

Manchester is such an awesome city with fantastic nightlife and loads of history. Hang out in the Northern Quarter for some really good vintage shopping, street art and nice restaurants.

Oh and why not try a spot of axe-throwing whilst you’re in-town too??

TOP TIP: Go on a walking tour to discover more of Manchester’s history and culture!

Sinclair's Oyster Bar, Manchester

There you do, some destinations I really think you ought to see in 2018. Let me know if any take your fancy!

Now what are you waiting for? BOOK IT.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, tweet me at @HeelsInBackpack, or find me over on Insta at @Heels.In.My.Backpack!

Instax snap overlooking Mount Batur, Bali

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