Why I’ve Lost The Love For Instagram (And It’s Not Engagement)

You’ve probably seen 462 blog posts about Instagram over the last 6 months or so. Because bloggers are PISSED.

Those ratbags at Insta HQ decided to change up the algorithm and everything we knew and loved about Instagram was dead. The main gripe us blog folk have? The majority of us now have much lower engagement.

Meaning fewer people see our photos, fewer people like them, less click-throughs to our blog posts, less brands want to work with us. It sucks.

And I know, boohoo for influencers and all that, but most “normal” people don’t really care about this stuff, right?

But you see, I’ve lost the love for it as a follower of Instagram goodness too, not just as a blogger.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Because although this algorithm thingymajig is meant to know it’s shit, it’s NOT showing me what I want to see.

Despite having a regular 10-20 IG accounts that I would follow religiously, like all their stuff, comment, click-through to their blogs or Etsy shops, they don’t show in my feed anymore.

Yet when I follow someone new that y’know I think is ok. Like a colleague at work or a shop that I quite like. I see it every freaking day at the top of my feed.

Isn’t the algorithm meant to KNOW that @TheBlondeAbroad and @TuulaVintage are way higher on my priority list than Karen from Accounts?*

(*Karen from Accounts is fictional, but I already feel guilty for throwing shade on Kazza like that)

And ads are definitely not tailored to my Insta history. At least on other social media sites the annoying ads understand who I am. I just feel like Instagram doesn’t know me at all. Otherwise it wouldn’t show me ads for psychotherapeutic supplements or carpet manufacturers. (Seriously, I literally just looked and they were the first two to come up).

It makes me feel like Insta will just sell my data to the highest bidder no matter if the product or service being advertised is remotely related to my life. At least Facebook advertises that dress in Topshop I nearly bought last week.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Finally, I hate that the lack of chronological timeline means that you lose everything straight away.

Y’know like if you’re gossiping with your pal or want to show your mum that pair of shoes you wanna buy after seeing someone wear them on Instagram – it’s impossible to find the photo again.

Like your feed immediately refreshes and it’s lost forever. LOST. FOREVER.

I do realise the ‘Save’ function is meant to solve this problem, but sometimes you don’t realise you should’ve saved it until it’s gone. And ain’t that just a lesson for life?


Okay, I’ll stop the rant. There are far too many Instagram rants on the internet as it is.

Over and out, kids.

What do you think about Insta these days? Let me know in the comments below, tweet me at @HeelsInBackpack or find me over on INSTAGRAM EVEN THOUGH I HATE IT at @Heels.In.My.Backpack!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

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