What To Pack For Your Trek America BLT Tour

When you plan your own trip, you generally know what you’re going to be doing, so know how to pack accordingly. But with a Trek America adventure, there’s a lot thrown in that’s totally unplanned.

For example, when I visited DC with Trek a few years back, we went to a performance of the Symphony Orchestra at the Capitol building that was a total surprise. And on my recent Trek in Memphis, we were in town for the Beale Street Music Festival so got to go see Kings Of Leon! On both occasions, it was just what was on at the time and the Tour Leaders love to pick extra special little things like these to include in your itinerary.

So what I’m getting at is that you should probably be prepared for anything when you’re on a Trek America tour! Obviously that makes packing a lil difficult… So I’ve listed a few things I think you should take with you.

PS/ I should mention that I’ve specified this is for Trek’s BLT tours (which don’t involve camping) purely because a camping tour would mean you bring so many more things. My Freedom Trail tour back in 2009 was a camping tour and I remember having to bring a sleeping bag and torch and all sorts. But this is for the other stuff – the clothes, the gadgets and all that jazz. Just saying.

iTrekHere Gang in Birmingham

What To Pack For Your Trek America BLT Tour

A Travel Pillow

If you’re jetting off to the states you’ll probs back a travel pillow for the flight anyway (I’m currently using this one). But I thought it was important to mention that both Trek America tours I’ve been on – Freedom Trail and Deep South BLT – have both involved lots of bus travel in-between the fabulous destinations. They have also both involved early starts so ideally you’ll want to get a few hours kip on the bus before you start abseiling or exploring a new city or seeing Niagara Falls at the next stop.

Bus Entertainment

Speaking of which, you need to bring something to entertain you. For me that was a book and a portable charger to keep my phone juiced up throughout the daily 4-5 hour drives. But you might want to bring a tablet or magazines or something. Just remember to put your valuables in the trailer when you stop, don’t leave them in the van, kids.

Weaver Overlook, Fort Payne, Alabama

A Microfibre Towel

You need to bring a towel with you on your Trek as some budget hotels and hostels may not have one available for you. And I prefer to bring a microfibre one as there’s not always time for your towel to dry. You know if you get up, have a shower and then have to quickly pack and leave, you don’t want your wet towel to make everything in your bag damp, you know? A microfibre towel is quick drying, takes up very little space and comes in a netted pouch that you can attach it to the outside of your bag to dry. Genius. (FYI you can find one on Amazon over here).

Comfortable Shoes

No matter your location, no matter what surprises your Tour Leader has in store, you will NEED comfortable shoes. It’s a given. Because even if your itinerary looks low-key, even if it’s a beach day, I can guarantee you will be doing a lot of walking. On both tours I experienced this and they were so very different (camping in bear country in New York state vs exploring Graceland in Memphis!). I even found that evenings tended to involve walking so despite bringing about 5 pairs of shoes (obviously, because it’s me), I pretty much only wore two of them – my Nike trainers in the day and v comfy lace-up boots from Topshop for the evenings. Job done.

Birmingham, Alabama


I mean, if you choose to do a Trek America tour in California or Florida, you’re probably packing swimwear regardless. Hashtag life’s a beach. But this is more for the other tours. Because I hadn’t imagined I would need swimwear during my tour of Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. They’re mainly landlocked countries and not known for beaches… But you never know! When hiking and abseiling in Alabama, we came across a really cool waterfall and a load of my tour pals jumped in and enjoyed it. But alas, I didn’t bring swimwear! I’ve also seen that a few of the budget hotels on the BLT tours have pools. So you know, just bring a cozzie with you. All I’m saying.

But Leave Some Space…

Despite how much you will want to pack (got to look your best in Vegas and Hollywood, right?), make sure you leave some room in your bag. Because you’re going to want to buy a few souvenirs! I came home with so many cool clothes I’d bought and some cute souvenirs for my pals. I even brought jars of moonshine home from Tennessee so I’m glad I left some room in my bag!!

Sun Studio, Memphis, TN

There you go, a few little bits to make sure you pack for your Trek America BLT tour! NOW GO HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER.

(PPS/ Check out Trek Adventure tours over here, girl)

Anything you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

New Orleans, Louisiana

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