June & July Faves 2017

Ok, I’ve combined two months again, so sue me. It’s been a busy summer, k? Here are all of the things that have been floating my boat in June and July 2017 folks.

June & July Faves

The bestest, most fabulous ASOS shoes in all of the land

My most successful and engaged tweet ever happened in June. And it was a photo of the outrageously gorgeous ASOS shoes that had just been delivered. I mean, I can see why people lost their shit, these babes are everything that is good in the world – all sequins and sparkles and 3D flowers and bees. Freaking bees.

I wore them to the Blogosphere Blog Awards, but alas they bloody killed me. Like seriously, I know how to wear heels, it’s in my blog name after all. But this was 5 inches of pain that literally made my knees shake and my ankles nearly give way. So I’ve decided the level of gorgeousness is perpendicular to the level of shoe pain suffered.

I don’t care I’m still wearing them again. But maybe to a sitting down affair next time, yeah?

ASOS Shoes

ASOS Shoes

ASOS Shoes

The glitz and glam of the Blogosphere Blog Awards

Speaking of the Blogosphere Blog Awards, I attended the London event last month as a shortlisted blogger, up for the Travel Blogger Of The Year award. Alas, I didn’t win, but I couldn’t be happier for my MK faves, Claire and Laura from Twins That Travel, who bagged the award. They’re total babes and their blog reads like Lonely Planet so they totes deserve it.

But I really enjoyed catching up with some bloggers I knew and meeting some brand new shiny blog friends. Plus I got to walk the lil red carpet and drink delicious sparkling pink cider which sounds gross but tasted like champagne so I was pounding the stuff. Top night.

Blogosphere Blog Awards

Blogosphere Blog Awards

Blogosphere Blog Awards

A typical Irish night out at Johnnie Fox’s

I went to Ireland as well in June! You won’t see any content on here about it because it was a work trip. So I mainly spent my time inside a hotel conference room talking numbers. It doesn’t usually give me much on the blog content front. But we did have a fantastic night out at Johnny Fox’s, just outside Dublin.

It’s a big pub in the middle of nowhere but there was SUCH amazing entertainment. We watched a live Irish band as we ate dinner and they had everyone with their hands in the air, singing along, beef and mash forgotten. Then was a fabulous Irish dancing show!

Not gonna lie, I felt like I was on the lower decks of the Titanic and it was fucking epic.

Johnnie Fox's, Dublin

Johnnie Fox's, Dublin

Johnnie Fox's, Dublin

All of the Netflix ever

I think because I’ve had so much travel and adventures over the last couple months, (boohoo, I know), I’ve been hibernating throughout the end of July. I just need me time, ok? And chocolate digestives.

I’ve consumed a  lot of TV but wanted to tell you about the good stuff I’m liking right now. Like GLOW, the 80s female wrestling drama that I got hooked on. I binged the whole thing in a few days and can’t wait for season 2!

I also watched season 5 of one of my faves, Orange Is The New Black, whilst sunbathing on the Anchored cruise, and started getting into Jane The Virgin when I was off sick one day and am now obsessed.  Currently watching Master Of None on Netflix which is pretty funny and OhMyGodI’mSoExcitedGameOfThronesIsBack.

Gosh, I love TV.

The vintage Hawaiian shirt of dreams

I discovered some crazy-good vintage shopping in Manchester whilst I was there, but more about that in another post. I just want to show you the amazing vintage Hawaiian shirt I discovered, in none other than Oxfam, babes. I can’t get over it, it’s my new favourite thing.

Plus can I get a wut-wuutttt over those sage green tassel earring from H&M? Dang they pretty.

Vintage Shirt

That’s all of my faves of June and July! Hope you liked them! Tell me, what you been crushing on over the Summer?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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