30 Before I’m 30: Mid Year Update!

It’s now officially 6 months until I turn 30.

That made me feel queasy, just writing that. I’m not sure why, I didn’t think I was going to be one of those people who got stressed out about the end of their twenties, but now it’s getting closer I’m not so sure.

I mean, I think it was clear from my initial 30 Before I’m 30 post at the beginning of the year that I’m pretty pleased with everything I’ve accomplished in my twenties – university, travelling, love, friendships, career…. I’ve done ok, you know? And I really am excited for all the new things I’ll experience in my thirties. I want a family, I want to write a book at some point and start my own business. Dreaming big and all that.

But I am getting a little worried about how grown up I’m meant to be now. You know like, I don’t think a woman in her thirties is meant to spend a full day in her pyjamas, or not wash her hair for 4 days, or eat leftover pizza for breakfast. But I can’t really see myself being any different in 6 months time…

Ugh, I guess that is the turning thirty thing anyhow – does everything change or nothing change at all? We’ll soon find out, dude.

Anyway, I digress with the beginnings of my big 3-0 freak out.

The point of this post is to let you know how I’m getting on with my 30:30 goals. If you haven’t already, go check out the first post with the rationale for all of this year’s goals. And then let’s have a lil catch up on my progress… Spoiler: I’m not doing that great. This post is basically a kick up the arse to sort my life out.

Superdry red dress - Santorini

30:30 – How I’m getting on…

Take another solo travel trip. – NOT STARTED

I haven’t done this one yet. And I’m not entirely sure when or how I will as the ol’ annual leave is running pretty low. Maybe a lil weekend away towards the end of the year? Who knows.

I want to go on a spa day please. – NOT STARTED

I need to work on this one too. The thing is they’re quite expensive so if any PRs are reading this and want to help a gal out, that would be just swell.

Stay in a treehouse. – NOT STARTED

The day I posted my 30:30 list, my bestie Kate text me to tell me I’d already done this one. In fact we had stayed in a treehouse in Krabi, Thailand for a good 4 days when we were backpacking Southeast Asia and I had completely forgotten about the whole thing.

As I’m not doing so well on this list, I considered marking this one as complete. But the thing is, I want to stay in a nice treehouse. You know, the kind of thing that has a hot-tub and a pretty view. Not the Thailand shack we stayed in with nothing but a mattress, a mosquito net and a squat toilet.

Visit Central or South America. – NOT STARTED

I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to complete this one. I have 6 days of annual leave left and very little funds to get me there. A girl can dream. But backpacking South America in your thirties is ok too right?

Animal Jumpsuit in Ljubljana

Go on a Digital Detox. – NOT STARTED

I need this one. Social media can be suffocating sometimes so I’m going to strive to do a digital detox at some point.

Spend more time with my grandparents. – WORK IN PROGRESS

I still want to see Nan & Gramps more in the second half of the year. Must do better.

Write… something. – WORK IN PROGRESS

I started writing a book last year and just stopped. Like 30,000 words in. I’ve gone back to it a couple of times this year but now that my crazy few months of travel are over, I’ll have more time for it. Hopefully.

Create… something. – COMPLETE

I opened my Etsy shop this year! Woo! I kicked off with two travel journals, which to be honest haven’t done so great. But it’s a learning curve and I’m still keen to get more stuff in the shop, so watch this space.

Finish the Game of Thrones books. – WORK IN PROGRESS

I’m on the third one. Fuck, they’re long. I might not complete this one. But to be fair it’s not totally essential I do this before I’m 30. If anything this sounds like a goal for a gal in her fifties so it’s all good.

Klobasarna, Top Ljubljana Foods tour

Go on a Food Tour. – COMPLETE

I did the fabulous Top Ljubljana Foods tour on my Slovenia trip and completely loved the experience! This goal is complete but I’m definitely keen to try another one! Food + Travel = Heaven.

Start taking care of my skin. – WORK IN PROGRESS

Guys, I’m now moisturising every day. I know this is normal for most people but it’s a big deal for me. I’m basically a beauty blogger, I know.

Re-vamp my blog design. – WORK IN PROGRESS

I had a whole thing at the beginning of the year where I found my perfect WordPress design on Etsy and bought it and uploaded it… And it crashed my site. Like not crashed it, but messed everything up and I’m not techy enough to sort it out, so I was like nah babes. And gave up. I still want to get around to redesigning my blog though so I need to get back to it.

Take more photos at home. – COMPLETE

I’m making an effort to take more photos with my friends and family and so far so good. I have lots of photos from my Eurovision party, and seeing Craig David in Bristol and general photos and Polaroids. It’s going well.

Pals in Bristol

Produce more video content. – COMPLETE

In the whole of 2016 I uploaded 7 videos. We’re half way through 2017 and I’ve already uploaded 9. Plus I’m experimenting with doing more travel vlogs as opposed to just highlight reels from the place I’m visiting. I’m really happy with my progress in this area tbh.

Collect Christmas decorations on my travels. – NOT STARTED

I had the best of intentions I swear, but I failed at the first hurdle. In Barcelona in January I searched high and low for Christmas decs and only found one: An FC Barca bauble. But it was extortionate. So I left it.

I haven’t seen any Christmas decs on my travels since then so I think this was a bit of a silly goal… Let’s forget about this one.

Get back to baking. – WORK IN PROGRESS

I made Josh a birthday carrot cake this year that went down well, and whipped up a round of oat and raisin cookies. I love baking, let’s do more!

Learn a ‘bit’ of coding. – NOT STARTED

Ugh, who has time for this?

See something at the theatre. – NOT STARTED

Okay, I suck at this list.

Explore more of my own country. – WORK IN PROGRESS

Ooh I’ve made this a priority this year and have just got back from a weekend in Cornwall and have another weekend lined up in Manchester. Oh and a possible trip to Jersey, watch this space.

Visit 30 countries before I’m 30. – WORK IN PROGRESS

I’ve seen two more countries so far this year: Slovenia and Ireland. I previously said I was at 25 countries, bringing me up to 27. But to be fair, that’s including the UK as one country. If I want to beat the system, technically I can turn the UK into England, Scotland and Wales and be at 29. I like that way better…

Lake Bled, Slovenia

So ok, I still have a way to go to achieve my goals for the year. I get that. And I’m certain a few of these are not going to get completed. I mean, I have no way of getting to South America this year and the Christmas decs were a bust. But some are totally doable and I’m keen to get a spa day booked in and stay in a treehouse.


Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @heelsinbackpack!

Weaver Overlook, Fort Payne, Alabama

4 thoughts on “30 Before I’m 30: Mid Year Update!

  • 13th July 2017 at 7:26 am

    Don’t give up on the Christmas decorations! I always collect them when I travel and love looking through the new additions to the tree every year! If I can’t find an actual decoration I’ll get a cute key ring or something and add some ribbon! Works just as well!!

  • 13th July 2017 at 5:54 pm

    I’m right there with you!! …except my bday is at the end of the month! I made a list in January of all the projects I want to accomplish by this point in the year…annnd nope. I had intended to take an online photo course before setting off for my summer trip. And here I am setting off and I’m planning to take iPhone photos because I never got around to that course! And I put a coding course on that list too!! Right? Who has the time?!? And with no discernible plan for having a family in my early 30’s I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just failing, but then I decided to just go day by day and get done what I can. And hey, with no obligations (besides that whole job and leave time thing…) travel is easier?

    • Kara // Heels In My Backpack
      14th July 2017 at 7:15 am

      I feel like every blogger has coding on their list but never gets around to it!! It is stressful to fit everything in! But I’m sure we’ll get around to it all. Life doesn’t end at 30 (so I’m told)…


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