Travel Gear Review: American Tourister Suitcase

Ok ok, before you say anything, I know I’m Heels In My Backpack, not Heels In My Suitcase. I’m usually a backpack girl at heart for sure. I’m glad we’ve got that covered. But there are certain places in the world where a suitcase is just easier, you know?

Well one of those places is the USA. And as I’ve been on two awesome American adventures in the last month (I know, I’m one lucky sausage), I thought it was prime time for a new suitcase.

Naturally I wanted a pretty one. So I admit that the main reason I was drawn to the American Tourister brand was their super cool and colourful designs. And lo and behold I found this bad boy (the Bon Air 66cm Spinner Case) in my favourite colour – mint green! Gotta have arm candy to match my blog logo colour, obvs.

American Tourister Suitcase

The unique colour meant it was so much easier to spot on the baggage carousel in the airport. But as you know I’ve been burned before when someone walked off with my backpack in Australia, so I made sure to add my Skinny-dip luggage tag too! But really, it is a total babe.

And actually, this beaut turned out to be more than just a pretty case!

American Tourister Suitcase

I mean, first off, suitcases with four wheels are just a dream. Suitcases have certainly had an upgrade since I switched to backpacks and this was so easy to roll along. And also, it has the TSA lock built in, so US Customs can check your bags without having to break the lock. Although I admit after several tries I still couldn’t change the combination from 0-0-0. Like, how old am I right now? Surely this shouldn’t be that hard?

But my fave thing ever was how many compartments were inside. I’m an organisation freak so being able to separate the two halves of my case meant I could keep clean clothes away from dirty clothes throughout the trip. Plus, the pockets were perfect for stashing flyers and tickets and general travel crap you accumulate, you know?

American Tourister Suitcase

Finally, I was impressed with how much this suitcase withstood. On my Trek America trip last week in particular, I put it through it’s paces for sure. I kept getting given free T-shirts and bottles of moonshine throughout the trip and I had already overpacked so it was a struggle to get it all in there. But the American Tourister case was sturdy and durable as ever! That was a test right there and it passed with flying mint green colours.

American Tourister Suitcase

Don’t worry, I’m not a total convert and will be staying with my backpacker roots for most of my trips. But for the cities where suitcases are more appropriate, this case is a total winner.

What do you think of my new pretty American Tourister suitcase? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

American Tourister Suitcase

Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains complimentary press samples but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that, shorty.

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