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I’m a big fan of vintage clothes for several reasons. Firstly, I like having unique pieces that I’m not going to walk down the High Street and see 136 other girls wearing. Secondly, I like the idea that the clothes had a life before I discovered them. But most of all, I really like the style of bygone eras. I just think they did things right back then. Plus, my body shape tends to look best in silhouettes from 50 years ago. Just my luck.

But sometimes it can be really hard to find good vintage pieces with them being so popular these days. And even when you find a gem, they might need repairs or be hand wash only, which is a bit of a drama. Especially when travelling.

So you can imagine I was delighted when I discovered a new brand that creates new clothes based on vintage styles and silhouettes!

Joanie Clothing is my new fave website at the moment, you see. Not only do the pieces have vintage vibes but they’re really fun too with cute slogans and bright colours. They’re not the kind of pretentious-vintage clothes, you know? They don’t take themselves too seriously.

Joanie Outfit NYC

Joanie Outfit NYC

Joanie Outfit NYC

This is the first outfit I’ve bought from Joanie but I’m super happy with it. If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of it’s printed palazzo pants. They fit like a dream and holy moly I bloody love them. Polka dot all day, son.

I paired these beauts with this super cute red slogan jumper that says ‘Stupid Cupid’. And what I love is that the embroidery is the vintage style, where it’s really thick and stands out from the jumper. I’m sure that’s not the technical way to describe it but you know what I’m saying.

Then I thought it would be a cute outfit to add Joanie’s lil’ heart-shaped cross-body bag… Although it wasn’t that little! In typical vintage-inspired fashion, the cross-body bag is actually pretty chunky when compared to my other bags. Like seriously, I can fit my DSLR camera in there! Definitely feels like more of a beauty case kind of thing, but I really like it anyway! Although with the thin strap I have to be careful not to overload it!

Joanie Outfit NYC

Joanie Outfit NYC

Joanie Outfit NYC

This whole outfit is also super durable, comfortable and washing machine friendly so makes a much better addition to my travel wardrobe than actual vintage clothes IMO. And did I mention totally budget-friendly?

Links to e’rrything in this outfit:

Oh and there are SO MANY MORE styles I’m coveting on the site rn. Dresses and skirts inspired by the 50s and 60s, as well as cute vintage sunglasses and super sassy slogan tees. You def need to go check them out if this is the first you’re hearing of them.

Here’s a few pieces I’m eyeing up atm…

Joanie 2017

  1. Brunch Club Tee – £15
  2. French Fries Top – £28
  3. Oh Buoy Sweatshirt – £30
  4. Rattan Handbag – £28
  5. Red Fifties Dress – £45
  6. Pearl Collar Midi Dress – £45
  7. Green Floral Skirt – £18 (SALE)
  8. Crab Beach Bag – £28

What do you think of Joanie? Do you like their vibes?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Joanie Outfit NYC

Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains some gifted press samples but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that, shorty.

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