The Perfect Spring City Break Outift

Holy smokes, I’m in love. With a pink suede beauty of a biker jacket.

So much so that I’m writing a whole blog post about it because I just can’t get it off my mind.

You see, when I was planning my NYC wardrobe, I looked at the weather forecast and saw it was going to be dry, sunny and between 15 and 30 degrees (aka perfect). But I realised I would need to pack layers and a light jacket for the varying spring temperatures. And well, my current leather jacket has been with me a good 10 years and I’ve worn it to death, so it was a fabulous excuse to get myself a new one.

Enter the love of my life. (Sorry Josh)

Superdry Jacket

My baby pink suede lover is from Superdry and is deliciously soft. Like, I seriously can’t keep my hands off of it.  And it was perfect for the weather in New York. It was light and breezy and transformed a basic outift into something a bit special, you know?

I got it in a size small (about a 10) which was probably a bit optimistic as there’s no way it was doing up over ‘the girls’. But hey, who does up a biker jacket right? I liked that it was more of a shrunken jacket vibe and I think I worked it…

Superdry Jacket

Superdry Jacket

On my trip, I paired it with a floaty cream bardot top, skinny jeans and a navy bandana neckerchief. They’re actually all from Superdry because I’m really feeling their vibe at the moment. To be honest I’m not into their loud slogan tees but there’s actually loads of fashion items that are right up my street. Who knew?

And can I just say, after my last 20 pairs of jeans being from Primark, I had forgotten what nice jeans actually felt like. I’ve never felt so sassy in denim. THEY’RE SO SOFT. Basically my whole outfit felt like a baby’s face. Just saying.

Boy oh boy am I smitten.

Superdry NYC outfit

Superdry NYC outfit

And why is this look so great for city breaks?

Well, if it gets too hot I can take off the jacket and it’s not too bulky to hold. Plus the jeans are super durable and comfortable and just the best things ever. In these photos I’m wandering Greenwich Village and walking the High Line and basically just having a grand old day. Take me back, yeah?

Superdry NYC outfit

Links to everything in this look FYI:

What do you think of my NYC Spring look? And my ever-so-amazing pink suede biker jacket?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Superdry NYC outfit

Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains some press samples but all thoughts and opinions expresssed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that, shorty.

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