A Survival Guide For Blogger Boyfriends

Blogger boyfriends and Instagram husbands everywhere, I feel your pain. It’s not always easy having a girlfriend that’s also a blogger. It adds an extra element to your relationship, both good and bad.

I mean, you get pretty awesome freebies every now and then. The odd hotel stay here, the odd restaurant visit there and even an all-expenses paid trip if you’re lucky. Score.

But it doesn’t come completely free. You have your part to play. Get brushing up on your photography skills lads, ’cause it’s time to step up to the plate.

Carmel Bunkers, Barcelona

Blogger Boyfriend Survival Guide

1) Rule number 1: Read her fucking blog.

Not necessarily every post and you can skim read but you should know what’s going on over there. She’ll talk about it and will be mad if you don’t at least know the gist.

2) Never touch your meal and/or coffee when they arrive at the table.

Not before your blogger girlfriend has taken 346843 photos of them for Instagram, complete with handbag and sunglasses props. She may also stand on a chair for the perfect snap. Do not moan, this is her passion.

3) When said blogger girlfriend asks you to take a photo of her, take several photos at different angles.

Full length, waist up, close up, the works. It means she won’t have to keep asking you to take more and you’ll get the job done quicker. Oh and top tip, if it’s a full length photo, make sure you crouch down when you take the photo so your blogger girlfriend looks taller and slimmer and more fabulous. Just saying.

4) When taking photos on holiday, try to get a few nice candid shots of your blogger girlfriend.

She may be able to use them later and you’ll get brownie points.

5) Make a compromise about her being on her phone.

It’s reasonable to ask for date nights with no phones or no phones at meal times or no phones after a certain time in the evening – a lot of bloggers make these compromises with bae. But at other times in the day she will need to be tweeting, instagramming and sharing posts. And that’s allowed.

Prague John Lennon Wall

6) Don’t complain on trips.

When you’re invited on a free holiday, remember you have to work for it. Don’t complain about taking photos or being in videos, this is the price you pay for freebies, babes.

7) Get ready to go the extra mile.

Also be aware that you may have to go out of your way for the best view/food/street art/sunset, but think of it as an adventure. This is all guaranteeing you future free holidays after all.

8) On social media, like your blogger girlfriend’s posts.

More likes means it’s shown to more people on Facebook and Instagram, so this is you supporting the cause. The odd share is also being an exceptionally good blogger boyfriend.

9) Enjoy the alone time.

Even better, schedule your FIFA time around your girlfriend’s blogging time. Then everyone’s a winner.

10) Count yourself lucky to be with such an independent, girl-bossing babe.

Be happy that your girlfriend has a hobby she loves. She’s a badass, independent woman taking the world by storm. You’re a lucky guy.

What do you think of these tips? Anything else blogger boyfriends and Instagram husbands around the world should know?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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