Launching Travel Accessories in My New Etsy Shop!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Today I’ve launched my very own Etsy shop!!

YAY, ETSY. I know right, it’s v exciting stuff…

Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road

Why, you ask?

Well here’s the deal. Although I’ve decided that full-time blogging isn’t really what I want to aim for, it’s been my life-long ambition to have my own business. I also have a fashion business degree and a career in retail – in various different areas, buying, marketing, wholesale – so this is really where my skill set is. Plus I have a passion for all things travel, obvs. So it just made sense to start selling fabulous travel accessories in my very own Etsy shop!

I’m actually a bit annoyed with myself for not thinking of it sooner tbh.

So what kinda things am I going to be putting out there?

Well I have BIG plans for world domination (think a clothing line, pretty backpacks, maybe one day a fabulous hostel or tour company), I like to dream big. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

But right now imma start real small. You gotta start somewhere right?

So I’m kicking off with travel accessories. I have plans to launch eye masks, mugs, toiletry bags, packing pouches and backpack patches all this year hopefully, if all works out. But to get the ball rolling, I’m launching with pretty travel journals/notebooks…

Heels In My Backpack Etsy Shop

What’s in the Etsy shop rn, babes?

Like I said, I’m starting small but dreaming big and I’ve launched with 2 pretty lil’ travel journals. They’re A5 notebooks in more of an exercise book style with 48 lined pages. And I really like them. If I say so myself.

WHAT THE SHELL. One is a cute and girly shell print with a ‘The Wanderlust Is Real.’ slogan, because let’s face it, it’s a real struggle in life to keep that ol’ wanderlust at bay. Am I right?

You can find it over here – Shell Notebook.

Etsy Shell Notebook

Etsy Shell Notebook

Etsy Shell Notebook

Etsy Shell Notebook

Etsy Shell Notebook

LEMON TELL YOU ‘BOUT THE OTHER ONE. (That didn’t really work did it…) The other is a flying lemon print, because why not, with the slogan ‘When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Travelling’. Because that’s really my ethos in life. Make of that what you will.

You can find it over here – Lemons Notebook.

Etsy Lemons Notebook

Etsy Lemons Notebook

Etsy Lemons Notebook

Etsy Lemons Notebook

Etsy Lemons Notebook

Introducing my business partner…

So wait who designed these bad boys? Oh yeah, did I mention Josh, that guy who moans about taking all of my outfit photos but accepts all the free trips, is actually a graphic designer? Yeah it’s pretty convenient. I promise that’s not why I’m with him!

But we actually only realised really recently that when we put our skills together, we have an empire waiting to happen! I have the business sense, he has the creativity and design skills. Erm, WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS SOONER.

So yeah anyway, as part of our hashtag power couple business launch, we’ve also launched some products for his Etsy shop. So if you’re in the market for some offensive but hilarious Birthday Cards, go check out his Etsy shop too! – The Black Dog.

The Black Dog cards

What do you think, hun?!

I’m really open to feedback here, this really only works if I’m putting products out there that you guys actually like… So what do you think of the initial products? And what do you think of my plans for world domination? You in?

Oh and if you missed ALL the links to my Etsy shop, here’s another one… THIS IS MY ETSY SHOP BABES. Lolz.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Carmel Bunkers, Barcelona

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