The Pros and Cons of Travelling with a Group of Friends

Going on a trip with the hashtag squad sounds like an absolute dream right? You get to see the world with your very best friends at your side. Can life get any better?

Well wait up a minute there love, because it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s a lot of things you need to consider before you travel with a group of your friends. And as I discovered on my recent Australia trip with 12 of my BFFs, there are a LOT of pros and cons to think about…

* Sidebar: To all my besties reading this, I love you really.

Kersbrook Hill Wines, Barossa Valley

PRO: Every night is an automatic party. You don’t even need to go out, all of your pals are right there with you. Just add wine.

CON: Every night is an automatic party. It’s hard to have a ‘quiet night’ when you’re in a big group. Just a couple of people talking at once and the volume is LOUD.

PRO: It’s not as intense as travelling with just one person. You can get a break from your best friend or significant other if you need it without hurting their feelings.

CON: No alone time with your best friend or significant other. No conversations are private because the whole world and his dog are travelling with you.

Port Fairy, VIC

PRO: With so many people, accommodation is REAL cheap. We split an Airbnb between 10 people in Adelaide and it was cheaper than a hostel dorm room. And was like a damn palace.

CON: We also had to split 2 bathrooms between 10 people. Get ready for a cold shower. And doing your make-up in a hand mirror.

PRO: You have so many friends to borrow clothes or make-up from.

CON: They borrow your stuff too.

BFFs in Adelaide

CON: Not everyone wants to do the same thing, and with so many people, there are a lot of opinions involved when discussing the day’s itinerary. It can be hard work.

PRO: But it’s easier to break away from the group and do what you want. When you’re travelling with one other person, you can’t really leave them on their own, it’s harder to do your own thing and you normally have to compromise .

CON: Getting from A to B is a bit more of an effort when there’s more of you.

PRO: You don’t really have to get public transport because a taxi is always cheaper.

CON: More people = more chance of arguments or confrontations or awks arguments between couples.

PRO: More people = there’s always someone there to lighten the mood or talk it out with if there is a bit of a domestic.

Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road

Ok I’m going to stop before all of my friends drop like flies and/or refuse to travel with me ever again.

But what I’m saying is, it’s lovely to travel with your best friends but be aware that you have more people to consider in your travel plans.

And it’s likely someone is going to use all of your shampoo. Just saying.

Do you travel with a group of friends? How do you find it? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Te-Aro Estate, Barossa Valley

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