Cheap Eats: Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House, Melbourne

Ok, it’s going to be a quick one today guys. I just wanted to tell you about some kickass-possibly-the-best-you’ve-ever-tasted dumplings in Melbourne. Because seriously, they were amazing.

I actually visited Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House by chance. Me and my pals were walking around Chinatown in Melbourne and my buddy Jordan just HAD to have dumplings like right now. He stopped for some Pork Dumplings and then DID NOT STOP talking about them for the rest of the day. But seriously, he’s still talking about them now and it’s been nearly a month.

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

So the next day, after Jordan and Lauren had left, Josh and I decided to go back. Because there was no way we were missing out on quote unquote the best dumplings ever.

And I gotta say, they justified the hype.

Jordan had got the dumplings to take away but we decided to sit in and although the place is small, it is rammed. People were just waiting outside for a table or placing takeaway orders, and sorry to be mildly racist but everyone in there was Asian, so you know the Asian food has got to be good, right??

They even sat different parties together on the same table. People didn’t care, they just wanted in.

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

There were basic furnishings but it was cool that they had a window at the back where you could see the guy in the kitchen making all of the dumplings. They also gave everyone black tea on their table along with the condiments.

So here goes, the fried dumplings of dreams.

Josh ordered the pork ones on Jordan’s recommendation but I went for the veggie ones. And boy oh boy were they delicious. So much flavour and packed with moisture. OHMYGAHD SO GOOD.

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

But the best part? You got SO much. For SO little money. A big ol’ plate of dumplings turned up with FIFTEEN dumplings on it. For $9. NINE DOLLARS. That’s 60 cents a dumpling. Thats 35p a dumpling!!

Holy macoroni. No wonder this place is so popular. And with a backpacker budget this is the meal you’ve been waiting for.

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

I definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the Melbourne CBD area. It’s top notch.

Jeez, I guess this wasn’t that quick of a post. My bad, I don’t know if you’ve realised this but I REALLY like to talk about food…

Have you visited Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House? Let me know about your visit in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

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