The Worst Monday Ever.

Have you ever had one of those days where literally EVERYTHING goes wrong? Yeah so I had one of those on Monday. The day when I was coming home from my Australia trip, flying from Sydney to London.

I have lots of exciting things to report from down under, but the mood I’m in right now I need to rant about this ridiculous day. So bear with me k?

Anyways, here’s what went down to make Monday the worst Monday ever.

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1) My flight was at 6am Sydney time and I’m always one to get to the airport super early to avoid any delays so I aimed to get there at 3am. The awkward time meant there was no public transport so I opted for an Uber and left my hostel at 2am (after 2.5 hours sleep). Well, the airport was a lot closer than I thought and I arrived at 2.15am. But hey here’s the thing – THE AIRPORT WAS CLOSED.

And no I don’t mean the check-in desks were closed, I mean the whole damn building was closed. I genuinely thought international airports were open 24 hours a day but nah mate. So I had to sit outside at the drop-off point until it opened at 3am.

This is just the start, guys.



2) Once we checked in, I was all like – great, time to settle in to a coffee shop, get some sweets for my office and scout out some breakfast. But oh look, departures is closed. We were stuck in the check-in area until security opened at 4.15am. Then when we finally got through, THE WHOLE OF DUTY FREE WAS CLOSED. I hate this shit. I know it’s early morning but there are usually flights at all times, right? There should be SOMETHING open…

So… sorry people of my office, no sweets for you.



3) We boarded the plane and it became clear that THE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WAS DOWN. It didn’t get fixed until 2 hours after take-off. Yeah yeah I know, first world problems. But these days I don’t bring 5 magazines+ to entertain me, I rely on the whole of season 6 of Cold Feet, k? (Sidebar: I really liked the new Cold Feet season)



4) Being right at the back of the plane it took forever to get off and I NEARLY MISSED MY CONNECTING FLIGHT in Dubai. We literally had to sprint through the airport whilst the tanoid announced final call for our flight, and bloody hell that airport is BIG. I need to do more cardio in 2017 for sure.



5) Ok that’s all just normal airport stuff right? Well the real problem? I GOT ILL ON THIS FLIGHT. I thought I just had a cold but I was that person coughing and sneezing all the way through the flight – soz guys if you’re reading this. But it turns out it was more than a cold. I’d developed some kind of sinus / ear infection, you know, the things they tell you not to fly with… Well they’re right. I was in absolute agony on the descent.

I had a sharp pain in the forehead and under my eyes, my ears hurt to the point where I couldn’t really hear anything and the pressure was so bad I felt like my head was going to explode. Like seriously what do you do in that situation? Well I sat their and cried. Yep, no shame. Josh didn’t really know what to do and just patted my leg and offered me boiled sweets.



6) I pulled myself together as I got off the plane, thankful that I was finally there. But… MY BAG DIDN’T TURN UP ON THE CAROUSEL. For fuck sake. It turns out someone else had the exact same backpack as me and walked off with it. Wtf is happening with my luck?

So cue an hour at the Global Baggage Solutions desk where I had to file a report and they sent me off with nothing but a letter and no condolences whatsoever. Cheers, guys.



7) You’d think this would be a bad series events for anyone, but the thing is, I was due to fly out to Malta the next day on a work business trip. It was ambitious enough as it is, as my Australia flight had touched down at Gatwick at 6.30pm and my flight to Malta the next day was 7.30am. Which didn’t leave me much time to get home and back so I had planned on staying at my nan’s house nearby. I had already sent my Malta bag there and everything. But without my Australia backpack I had no toiletries or make-up or hairdryer, and I had planned on transferring a few clothes over. Now what was I going to do?

There was also the fact that I couldn’t face getting on another plane and experience the excruciating pain all over again. Needless to say, I CANCELLED MY TRIP THE NEXT DAY. But I felt awful seeing as it was only a few hours before I was meant to go and my company had already paid for my flights and hotel, etc. I hate letting people down.



8) The change of plans meant I was home-bound so I stopped at my nan’s to pick up my bag then had to endure CRAZY FOG driving conditions and ROAD CLOSURES on my journey home. I got home at 12.30am. Worst journey ever.


Australia Flight

Can you see what I mean now? It’s pretty bad as far as Mondays go right? Bear in mind this was a 35 hour long Monday with very little sleep involved and you’ll see why I did a Disney-esque throw-myself-onto-the-bed when I got home. It’s totally warranted I feel.

Worst. Monday. Ever.

Have you had any journeys from hell?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!


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