What’s In My Australia Carry-On?

I realise I’ve told you before about the things I pack in my carry-on when I go on a trip, but seeing as Australia is SUCH a mammoth journey and it’s been a long time since I wrote the last carry-on post, I figured it was high-time for an update.

Hand luggage is a funny thing, because you kinda want to put as much as possible in there but you also know you’ve got to carry it for the whole journey. So you need to really consider every item in there. Here’s my list of everything going in there. There being my new Superdry tote that I’m obsessed with (but you can read more about that beaut on Wednesday…).

Australia Carry-On

The Obvious.

I feel like these don’t really need a blurb. Just pack ’em yeah?

  • KEYS

Australia Carry-On

The Health Necessities.

These also don’t really warrant explanation. I just have to remember to pack them in my bag and work out when the hell I should take my pill with the time difference thing…


The Beauty Supplies.

Flying is hard on your skin. We all know this. So it’s important to take a few luxury items to help your skin through it IMO. I’m not saying go crazy but a decent moisturiser is completely essential on any flight. This time I’ve gone with the Clinique one I reviewed recently as it makes my skin feel super soft.

But for long-haul flights like this one to Australia, I feel like a few extras are required. I’m going all out on this one and taking a face mask. I’ve heard several beauty bloggers talk about using face masks on long-haul flights so I’m going to give it a go. But I am pretty nervous about looking like an absolute wanker. I’m taking a freebie I picked up at the Blogosphere Christmas Market – the WOW Luxury Facial Mask Treatment. But it is meant to go on for 20-40 minutes. I’ll report back on how I get on.

I’m also packing some make-up wipes and a few bits of make-up to reapply to other side. Plus some decent lip balm as my lips get chapped af on flights.


Australia Carry-On

The Entertainment.

It’s a LONG time I’m on this flight. And sure I’m flying with Emirates and they have great in-flight entertainment. But sometimes there’s a limit to how many films you can watch in a row and you need to break it up a bit. So I’m taking the book I’m currently reading, A Clash Of Kings, the second in the Game Of Thrones series. Unfortunately it’s massive so there’s that, but I refuse to change books in the middle of an epic series so I’m just going to have to deal with it.

I’ll also buy a travel magazine in duty-free if I need a change of pace and pack earphones if I want to listen to podcasts on my phone. Also, my bullet journal in case inspiration hits a mile high and I want to make notes for upcoming blog posts or reminders for my trip. What can I say, I can’t be parted with it.

  • BOOK

Australia Carry-On

The Comfort Essentials.

Comfort is my main priority. I wear the comfiest clothes and bring extra things to make my flight as seamless as possible. I’m trying the TRTL travel pillow on this flight and bringing an eye mask and cosy socks too so I’m A-OK. I know Emirates supply a blanket but I’m also packing my Hammam & Home multitasking beaut (it’s a beach towel/plane blanket/scarf), just to keep me toasty.


Australia Carry-On

The Valuables / Electricals.

These are the things you don’t want to pack in your hold luggage because they’re too valuable or too fragile. For me it’s my DSLR camera and my GoPro. I also tend to take GoPro footage at the airport to turn into a travel video so I also include the extendable stick attachment I use it with.

I also pack my power bank, because it’a long journey and bitch has gotta tweet on her layover, as well as my phone charger obvs.


The Stuff For The Other Side.

The last time I flew to Australia, my hair… it was bad. I have naturally greasy hair so add a 26 hour journey on a stuffy plane into the mix and you could’ve fried chips on my head. It’s a real problem. So I’m plaiting my hair, trying not to touch it at all and packing the biggest headscarf know to man for the other side. Job done.

Also, I’m taking some deodorant as well as some travel-sized body spray so I feel a bit fresher. I picked up some retro spray from ‘So…?’ (remember them?!) in a nice watermelon fragrance so I smell all holiday-y right off the bat.

I’m also packing my new Vans polka dot sunglasses for any fabled Aussie sunshine I may encounter enroute to my hotel. I’m optimistic considering I land at 8pm but I worry they’ll get squashed in my backpack..


Australia Carry-On

The Just In Case Items.

I live in constant fear of the airline losing my luggage enroute to my destination (touch everything wood rn). So I like to pack a few extras in my bag just in case. I’m not saying loads but at this point I normally look at what’s already in my backpack, check I’m not over any weight restrictions, then realistically think if I can add anything else. If no, it’s no problem, I’ll pray to the travel gods that my backpack makes it. But if there’s a space nugget of space I’ll make a couple of these things.


How I’m Packing It All.

This is something I know not many people consider. It just does my head in when I see someone at the airport rifling through their hand luggage looking for something and pulling things out that they quite obviously do not need right now. They clearly did not think about how they packed their carry-on.

Here’s what I do.

At the bottom of your bag you need the things you won’t be needing on this flight, i.e, the Just In Case items. I’ll also pack my DSLR further down with it’s neoprene cover and if I’ve brought a spare top I’ll wrap it round it for extra protection. Down here is also my house keys, somewhere safe.

On top of this should be the in-flight stuff, all nicely organised for ease of use. I like to have a beauty bag with all of my beauty supplies, health necessities and other side bits all in one place. This time I’m using my new star-print beauty bag. Then my entertainment and comfort items in one place.

Right at the top should be the things you need in the airport. Your purse, phone and in my case GoPro on the extendable stick so I can quickly whip it out to get some footage. Most importantly your passport and travel docs should be safe in a pocket of some sort that’s easily accessible each time you need to get it out.

Australia Carry-On

Voila! There you have it, my Australia carry-on packed to a T, IMO anyway…

What do you take with you in your carry-on bag? Let me know in the comments below of tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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