Why Every Girl Should Take A Trip With Her Mum

Everyone has a different relationship with their mum. I realise that for some people it is a difficult relationship to navigate whilst for others it’s the easiest in the world to maintain. But most of us can say that no matter what, our mamas love us unconditionally. Which is what makes them so great.

So I think it’s an important time in your life, usually around your mid-twenties, when your mum stops feeling like the fun police and starts feeling like a friend. If you’re lucky, a best friend.

And I am pretty lucky. Because my my mum is my cheerleader and my life coach and my pal. We’ve got a bit of a Gilmore Girls thing going on. So when I was offered a plus one on a press trip a couple of months ago (my Surprise Trip to Geneva!), I decided it was right about time for some mother daughter travelling.

Geneva, Switzerland

What is it like travelling with your mum?

What I’ve always though about life, is that people react a certain way depending on their surroundings. So when I’m at the dinner table with my mum and dad and brother, it feels exactly the same as it did when I was a teenager. But when you take your mum out of that family unit and into a new destination, you’re just two women travelling to a new city and you definitely feel more like friends.

Like I said, me and Mama Heels are close so I talk to her about all of my problems on a daily basis. But I think what felt different about our girly getaway was that she opened up to me a bit more. I think a parent naturally wants to protect their children from harsh realities so keeps their problems to themselves as a habit. But as a grown up it’s nice to hear about what’s going on in my mum’s life a bit more.

Also, now this is totally NOT a reason to travel with a parent, just a really nice side effect… but sometimes they pick up the cheque at dinner… haha. I know that’s terrible but I thought it was worth mentioning that they help you out now and then. Don’t worry I would pick up dinner the next night, but my mum would always pay for the more expensive one. It’s just how she rolls. And I like it.

Lunch in Geneva

Should you travel with yo mama?


No matter your relationship, I think getting away just the two of you for a weekend can really solidify your adult relationship. Only good can come out of it in my eyes. If you’re not ever going to be BFFs, it’s still a chance to better understand your mum and improve your relationship.

Even if you’re not a pair that talk that often you’ll always have that trip to talk about in the future – ‘Remember that time we ate that cheese fondue in Switzerland?’ Yes mum, yes I do.

Plus, there’s always the chance you’ll get banging photos like these for the mantlepiece. Absolute lolz.

Mother daughter travel in Geneva

How to plan a trip with your mum

Now I’m pretty lucky that my mum is pretty young (read: under 50) so I didn’t have to make major itinerary changes but you might have to if your mama is a bit older.

Although saying that, I could tell that after a whole morning of exploring Geneva she was pretty knackered in the afternoon. I mean that’s fair, I was knackered too. But I think if you’re travelling with someone a few years your elder you need to take into consideration that you might have to slow your pace a little. I quite liked it though, naps ftw.

When I started planning the trip, I also though my mum would want to do things differently, she tends to like the finer things in life whereas I’m all about hostels and backpacks. But she was keen to have a bit of an adventure and travel along the way I would, going to budget restaurants and travelling by foot around the city. Which was a lot of fun! Although we had a mid-range hotel so a bit of a compromise there!

Lake Geneva

Overall, I think mother daughter travel is a great experience, a chance to get to know your mum on a personal level and maybe even become besties. Plus it’s also a gift to your Dad who gets some quality man-cave time. You’re welcome, Papa Heels.

Have you ever travelled with your mum? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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