Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Ahhh I bloody LOVE Christmas shopping. Finding that perfect gift that you know they’re just going to love? Nothing better.

But it’s not always straight forward, sometimes it takes hours and hours and HOURS of scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect present. Which, you know, is actually quite fun because Pinterest is bae, but I figured I could throw a few pointers out there just to help with the search. Just a few things that girls that love travel will totally adore. (And so will I, Secret Santa. Just saying.) Enjoy!

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Heels In My Backpack

Gifts for the Glam Squad

Got a gal pal that loves to feel pampered and fabulous on her travels? Here’s a few gift ideas that feel fancy but don’t break the bank.

Hammam & Home Beach Towels
Hammam & Home Beach Towel, £22
I’ve never been one for a standard beach towel as they take up so much room in your backpack. However, the classic towels by Hammam & Home are super lightweight, air dry quickly and oh hey, look how fabulous?! Think Hamptons chic with these bad boys. They also double as an in-flight blanket or a scarf if it gets chilly. I’m in love.

Aromatherapy Eye Mask

Aromatherapy Eye Mask, £9.99

A standard eye mask just isn’t going to cut it for the fab girl backpacker. An aromatherapy eye mask is where it’s at. And on my Christmas wish list this year is this cutie fox eye mask scented with lavender to aid natural sleep. What an absolute beaut.

Facial Mist

Fabulous Facial Mist, £11.50

Every girly traveller knows you need to look after your skin on long-haul flights, but the ultra-chic members of the gang are big advocates of a good facial mist. Spray on to keep your skin nourished, hydrated and glowing. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a popular facial mist with celebs and the fash pack and smells gorgeous with a combination of grape, rose, and orange blossom extracts. Plus the 30ml is small enough to not take up precious space in your carry-on.

Gifts for the Pro-Traveller

Got a sister from another mister that seems to be always jumping on a plane? These are the presents that are ideal for that next-level pro-traveller. The ones where another passport cover really ain’t gonna cut it.

GoPro Hero 4 Session

GoPro Hero 4 Session, £159

Okay this is a big of an extravagant gift but if you have a special gal you want to treat and she’s all about documenting her travels, then a GoPro is like the best present ever! Some of them can be quite pricey but the GoPro Hero 4 Session is small and cute and lightweight and relatively affordable compared to it’s bros. (Read my full review of this bad boy here).

LuMee Phone Case

Light-up Phone Case, £39.99

This is on my Christmas list this year as it’s cool AF. It’s a phone case that gives you the perfect light for taking selfies! Yes it sounds a bit shallow and ridiculous to some, but to the solo traveller that wants to have a few photos of themselves actually in the fabulous destinations they’re travelling to… It’s awesome.

Speakeasy Loop Scarf

Speakeasy Loop Scarf, £45

I really like the idea of these speakeasy scarves as they have a hidden pocket in them for storing valuables like your passport and emergency cash stash whilst you’re on the road. I absolutely hate money belts so this is a fantastic and colourful alternative for sure. They’re a lil pricey as far as scarves go but pro-travellers will totally be a fan.

Gifts for the Cool Cats

Got a buddy that is always one step ahead in the style stakes? These are the gifts for those hipster babes that need something a lil bit different.

Instax Mini 8

Instax Mini 8, £62.99

You guys KNOW I adore my Instax, it’s quirky and fun and adds something a bit different to your travel photography. Those cool cats would just love one. The Instax Mini 8 comes in lots of super cute colours but I’m loving the mint green one. Total winner IMO.

Corkboard map

Corkboard Map, £18.75

I got this corkboard in the shape of a map from my pal Sam last year and I just love it! It’s cool just to pin the places you’ve been but I like to pin my Instax snaps to it to be a total hipster obvs. It’s currently over my bed and I think it looks pretty awesome.

Backpack patches from Skinnydip

Backpack Patches, £5

You know I always say to make sure your backpack stands out a bit? I mean it’s hard enough trying to find your backpack on a baggage carousel or on the back of a boat as it is, without it being plain black with no obvious markings. So I came up with a genius solution – iron on patches! These amazing patches by Skinnydip are just crazy cool and I need to have them all. PLEASE.

New York Crumpled Map

Crumpled Map, £8.50

I’ve been meaning to try these for a while now. They’re city maps that you can just crumple up and stuff in your pocket when you’re not using them and they won’t get ripped or damaged! They’re available in lots of cities including New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Sydney and London. YES.

Gifts for the Foodie Babes

Got a bestie that’s all about the restaurant choice on a trip? Here’s a few things they’ll love for their next culinary tour.

Wine wipes

Wine Wipes, £3.15

I’ve got a serious problem with red wine mouth. On my teeth, on my lips, I’m a mess. So I was anxious about my upcoming wine tasting tour in Australia until I discovered these wine wipes! I’m getting some. And if you’ve got a gal pal that loves a good wine tour on her travels, these are spot on.

Cooking course

Cooking Course, £30

I’ve been on a couple of cooking courses and they’re so much fun! Plus you learn a bunch of new skills and get really into a new culture and cuisine. Why not get your foodie traveller pal a cooking course for Christmas, huh? If they’re not jetting off anytime soon, there are some fab ones in the UK at a range of budgets from a YO! Sushi course for £30 to a Pasta Masterclass Workshop for £160. YUM.

Food trails

Lonely Planet’s Food Trails, £19.99

This new Food Trails book by Lonely Planet is perfect for inspiring a foodie traveller’s next trip! It details 52 itineraries for the ideal foodie weekend in loads of cool destinations around the world, including recommendations on where to find the best local delicacies. Oh god, my mouth is watering just writing this.

There you have it. 10 fabulous Christmas gifts for the female traveller in your life. Or you know, for you… no judgement. Hashtag self gift.

What do you think of the Christmas Gift Guide? Anything you’re eyeing up? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @Heels InBackpack!

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Heels In My Backpack

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