Curlformers Review: Here Come The Curls!

A travel beauty hack was proposed to me this week: heat-free curlers to take travelling or to festivals so you can have beautiful curls without the need for electricity. Seemed legit, so I decided to try out a Curlformers Deluxe Pro Styling Kit.

Despite the brand telling me this Deluxe Kit would be perfect, my first impressions were that this gigantic bag full of curlers is not at all practical. It’s far too big (I’ve pictured next to my phone for context below). However this kit contains 30 curlers and 2 of the applicators, whereas Curlformers do actually do ‘Glam Up Kits’ which have 16 curlers and 1 applicator. I only used half of the curlers in my kit so this Glam Up Kit would be much more appropriate.

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

So what’s the deal with Curlformers?

Well they’re not the traditional kind of curlers you’re probably imagining. They’re actually like tubes of fabric that spring into curls. You apply them by un-springing, threading a section of hair through the tube with the applicator and letting go – they spring back into curls. It’s hard to explain, but these photos pretty much say it all…

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Yep, I’m a real stunner in these, huh? Hashtag Medusa.

Once I’d figured them out they were easy enough to put on. At first I was getting the hair stuck half way through the tube but I realised I had keep the hook on the applicator facing up and made sure I didn’t pull the tube towards my head at the same time. But then it was pretty quick to get them all in.

One issue I’d say is that it takes FOREVER to air dry in those little purple snakes. And my hair isn’t even that thick. So it’s not exactly a quick fix when at a festival or on your travels. It reminded me of life before GHDs when I used to try every possible way to get rid of frizzy hair and there were 5 different boxes of rollers, straightening brushes and hair serums under my bed. I’m an instant gratification gal of the 21st century now, you know? But hey, it’s all good if it works…

Do they actually work?

Curls? Check.

Although I realised that you’re only meant to be putting small sections of hair into those tubes. And I clearly got bored towards the end because the the hair sections started getting bigger and the curls aren’t as defined in those areas.

However, the areas I did do properly produced really nice and defined curls. See?

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Also it was SUPER quick to take the curlers out, you just push open the tubes and pull out. Much quicker than all of those 90’s rollers I used to use to tame my locks.

Would I recommend Curlformers?

I quite liked trying out Curlformers, it was fun and a bit of a novelty. But even though they were better than their pre-GHD counterparts, I’m not sure they beat straighteners for me. Curling your hair with straighteners is quick and easy and effective after all (despite the oxymoron).

But if you’re travelling somewhere super hot where you can’t quite face using heat on your hair, this would be a great option to go for.

Festival-wise, it could also be a good option if you have your heart set on curls. Although you would probs need to bring a water spray to dampen your hair first (unless you’re queueing for showers). And get up early (despite the inevitable hangover) to allow for air drying time. But hey, beauty takes time, right? Right…?

What do you think of Curlformers? Are you pro or con? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Curlformers Deluxe Styling Kit

Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains complimentary press samples but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that, shorty.

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