The Ultimate Festival No. 6 Packing List

Sometimes I think packing for a 4-day British festival is infinitely harder than packing for 6 months travelling. Because let’s face it, you’re likely spending those 6 months in Southeast Asia or Australia or something, where the climate is more or less the same whilst you’re there. A British festival poses several different climates and weather conditions within a long weekend, from muddy downpours to sunstroke-inducing heatwaves. So I take a lot of consideration into what I take with me. Well this year I’m off to Festival No. 6 in Wales, and here is ALL the shiz I’m packing for it…

(I really mean all of it, so heads up this is a long post with way too many photos of me in it. Soz about that.)

The Village Limits at Festival No. 6

CLOTHING: Summer trends for all weathers.

Well let’s just start with what matters most, shall we? Fashion. Festivals are such a big deal on the fashion scene and we all want to look like Kendall Jenner at Coachella, right? But then you also want to be comfortable, and hey what about the rain or shine thing? It’s a minefield. Well for Festival No. 6, I’ve tried to cover all bases here (with way too many clothes).

ASOS Stripe Playsuit

ASOS Stripe Playsuit

ASOS Stripe Playsuit

First up, I’m hoping for the best with some summery outfits. The festival is in the first week of September so it should still be fairly hot in the daytime. And what could be more perfect for a festival than this stripey bardot playsuit from ASOS! It’s so comfy too so I could easily wear it all day, and it rolls up small so won’t waste any precious backpack space. I’ve paired it with a black New Look choker and some black lace-up ankle boots here, but I’ll likely go for flat biker boots at the festival. No-one can party for 12 hours straight in heels, not even me.

My second summer daytime look is this boho-cool maxi-dress in a floral ditsy print, also from ASOS. This kind of thing just oozes laid-back glam and is so nice and breezy for the summer. I wouldn’t normally go for this kind of thing at a festival because I always think you need to worry about maxi dresses getting in the mud. But from what I hear about Festival No. 6, it isn’t a particularly muddy festival, being set in the beautiful town of Portmeirion and all. So this beaut is perfect. Just add face glitter.

ASOS Ditsy Maxi Dress

ASOS Ditsy Maxi Dress

ASOS Ditsy Maxi Dress

But hey, what if it’s cold? I went to Bestival around the same time of year last year and although it was boiling hot in the day, it was real cold at night. So I need to layer up. So I’m taking a couple of outfits that I can adapt to the weather. For example this amazing Superdry kimono is lovely and tie-dye and oh-so festival-y. I’ve layered it over a fringed Superdry vest and worn with a red bandana. They will go with both my vintage Levi shorts if it’s hot and with my black jeans if it’s a lil’ colder, you know?

Superdry kimono outfit

Superdry kimono outfit

Superdry kimono outfit

Another one I can adapt to the weather is this fab Primark outfit – a pink sparkly knitted vest, black ripped knee high-waisted jeans and the necessary cliché of a flower headband (I’m a basic bitch, I know), which I can throw a bomber jacket over in the evenings when I need to warm up! It’s so easy and comfy but still bang-on trend. A winner if you ask me.

Primark knitted top and bomber

Primark knitted top and bomber

And because you need a few changes of clothes at festivals (mud, rain, beer, etc), I’m throwing in a couple more tops I can wear with my black jeans and gold Primark pumps. A candy stripe bardot top and a floral long sleeve cold-shoulder blouse, both from Primark…

Primark candy-stripe bardot top

Primark candy-stripe bardot top

Primark floral blouse

Ok, so I also think you need a fabulous night-time outfit or two at a festival. The days are so long that sometimes you wanna change into something different for the evening and this AMAZING so-sparkly-it-hurts fringed top is to die for. It’s from ASOS and the magpie in me couldn’t resist, I’m going to pair it with black jeans and a bomber if it gets cold. Ok, I mean it’s really quite impractical as it’s heavy and will probably fall apart in a festival environment, but I don’t care. Me and this top, we’re in love and you can’t stop us.

ASOS Festival Fringe Top

ASOS Festival Fringe Top

Here’s a brief mention to my ‘in-transit’ outfit, the comfy ensemble I will be wearing to and from the festival. I mean, I wouldn’t mention it except I’ve posted a few Insta Stories of this cat tee and it’s going down a storm. So I thought I’d let you know that’s it’s from ASOS and I’ve worn it three times this week. No judgement.

ASOS Cat Tee and Accessories

Finally in the clothing category is the bomber jackets you’ve been seeing in the above photos. I’ve bought two recently (alright moneybags, I know). Both are fabulous and I have no idea which I’m taking with me because it’s too hard to choose between your children. The pink silky beauty is oh-so-chic from ASOS. All pretty in pink and that.

The khaki number is from Primark and I just love it. Patches are a totally BD this season and hello one of them has a ‘K’ on it. ‘K’ for Kara, guys. I had to have it and it completely grudges up a basic tee and jeans combination.

I might take both and insist my pal Kate alternates wearing them with me so we can be those bomber jacket girls.

ACCESSORIES: Because I really do need all of them.

First up is these chic and sophisticated ASOS sunglasses which are half black and half tortoise-shell (and only £6 in the ASOS sale right now!). I have a thing for outrageously big sunglasses because they make me feel like Audrey Hepburn. This is the first time in ages I have deviated from the long-lasting Quay Australia sunglasses so fingers crossed these ones hold up for just as long.

I’m also taking a bandana – to cover my hair when it’s greasy AF on day four, but also to tie round my neck like a fifties moviestar, obvs.

ASOS Sunglasses

For rain, I’m bringing my trusty red Pac-A-Mac from Primark, which is pretty damn chic as far as pac-a-macs go. I know I’m bringing a bomber jacket or two but when you’re outside all day, you really need something properly waterproof. Nothing else is gonna cut it. And come on, it’s not like it takes up much space.

Red Primark Pac-A-Mac

Red Primark Pac-A-Mac

Bumbags are a total must-have for festivals IMO. Especially the cool beaded variety like this bad boy from ASOS. It’s as practical as it is chic, big enough to fit my purse, phone, camera and hip flask in easily.

ASOS Beaded Bumbag

Speaking of hip flasks, can we talk about my super-glittery and girly hip flask from Skinnydip for a second? IT HAS UNICORNS ON IT. I know right, I can’t get over it. So bloody cool. My purse is also a Skinnydip bad boy and is the shape of a tequila bottle.. are you sensing a theme here?

Skinnydip Accessories

CAMPING: All the gear, no idea.

Luckily I don’t have to invest in too much into camping essentials as I still have them all from Glastonbury last year! I’m taking with me a 3 man tent with double-ply so the condensation doesn’t get me innit, a self-inflating camping mat so I’m not like on the ground, a cosy sleeping bag I should probably wash before taking with me and the all-essential camping light that I tie to the top of my tent so I can see what I’m doing in there.

I do need to go get a cheap camping chair as I found it super useful at Glastonbury last year, It’s somewhere to sit if the ground is wet, you know?

FN6 Camping Gear

Also, I was looking around Primark Home the other day, as I do because it’s bae, and found a whole section with outdoorsy stuff I can use at Festival No. 6! I’ve always been an advocate of taking a 5L water carrier when you’re at festivals because walking to the tap and then queueing up just to get a sip of water is ridiculous. I go every other day and I’m golden. And Primark had one with a pretty, summery pattern!

Not only that, there was also a mini cool bag in the matching print that I obviously had to get. I like to bring snacks to avoid paying a bomb on food whilst I’m there so this is perfect for storing a few bits of fruit, some cereal bars and a giant bar of Dairy Milk Oreo.

Primark Home Camping Bits
Finally… booze. Come on guys, it’s a festival, there’s gonna be booze. Well I just wanted put in a quick mention to the HonestBrew ‘Howler’ I received recently. A cardboard tube of three craft beers that fit so easily into the pocket of my backpacks, it will def be coming along to Festival No. 6 – perfect. Cheers for the beers!

HonestBrew Howler

BEAUTY: Stay looking fresh, when you’re really not.

Okay, this is a big part of the packing list. Because no showers. Because everything is dirty. Because I want to look like a festival goddess. Too much to ask?

First up, staying as clean possible. For maximum hygiene I’m packing a LOT of wet wipes, little packets of tissues for the toilets and anti-bac gel. There’s also the vital toothbrush, toothpaste and mini mouthwash, as well as deodorant, a razor and a brush. So you know, the essentials. I also throw in a bumper bottle of dry shampoo and some hairspray to try and tame my locks through 5 days without washing.

For the fun beauty stuff, on top of my usual make-up, I’m bringing some awesome face glitter from In Your Dreams. It’s soooo pretty and shiny like mermaids and unicorns and all that. Can’t wait to put it ALL on my face at the same time. Because festival. Stay tuned to see the results…

I actually just received some fab Burt’s Bees goodies in the post that I will be taking along too – some nourishing lip balms, face wipes and one of my fave moisturisers – Intense Hydration Day Lotion! Thanks Burt’s Bees!

Burt's Bees beauty bits

Burt's Bees beauty bits

Finally it’s the ‘just-in-case’ products – SPF in case it really is hot, plasters in case my feet completely die in my biker boots, paracetamol and hangover satchets for ultimate recovery in the mornings. Before hair of the dog of course. Aaaaand my asthma pump, so I can like, you know, breathe.

All of these bits and bobs are going in my new Skinnydip party cat beauty bag. LOLZ.

Skinnydip Beauty Bag

ALL TOGETHER NOW: How I’m getting it there.

To transport all of this festival goodness to Festival No, 6 itself, I’m going to be trying out a new backpack from Trespass – the Inverary Black 45 litre backpack. It’s big enough to hold my clothes and toiletries and still has karabiners and straps to clip on my camping gear. Excited to try it out!

Trespass 45L Backpack

Trespass 45L Backpack

Ok, that is the exhaustive list of absolutely everything I’m taking to Festival No. 6 (barring underwear and a t-shirt to sleep in). What do you think? Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion

Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains some complimentary press samples and some affiliate links, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

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