Travel Fashion Fix: Teva Sandals

I’ve been eyeing up Teva sandals for a long time. Sandals that are perfect for adventures with their durability and comfort and are available in a range of cool colours and that? Yeah sounds alright, I’ll give ’em a go.

I’ll be honest, some of the range seemed a bit too ‘middle-aged walker’ when I first discovered the range a few years back. But these days there are so many cool fabrics and bright colours that they’re actually pretty awesome. It was tough to pick which pair I wanted to go for, but being all about heels and that in my  blog title, I decided to stay true to form and go for a flatform option! The Flatform Universal in Candy Stripe Coral to be exact.

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

The Teva Flatform Universal sandals.

On first glance I thought these bad boys looked a bit too chunky, I was worried about whether I could walk ok in them. You know how platforms are, they can sometimes be tough to navigate. But these were actually super comfortable and easy to walk in, really quite springy. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re like hiking the Grand Canyon, maybe you need something a bit more specialist. But for a city break? Or a gap year adventure? These sandals would be comfy af for exploration purposes.

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

The velcro straps also meant the Teva shoes fit perfectly. I’m one of those awkward people whose feet are between sizes so the multiple adjustable straps make these sandals fit like a damn dream, gurl. Who knew I’d be into a pair of shoes with velcro, right?

Also, they’re not as heavy as they look and are actually quite lightweight considering the flatform heel. They won’t be hogging my baggage allowance anytime soon, you know?

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

In terms of looks, these beauts are super cute and actually feel quite fashion-y, the kind of geek chic sandals you’d pair with some wide-leg culottes and a slogan tee. Or denim shorts, a cami and a cool kimono – spot on, mate.

The coral colour pop on the Teva Flatform Universal sandals is pretty bright though, they’re not for everyone. But Teva also do a whole bunch of more muted styles that will go with everything. I’m actually really keen to buy a second pair without the flatform that are a bit more appropriate for beach trips.

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

I also think they’d be cool for festivals in hot locations, you know like Coachella or something, especially with the range of metallic straps on offer – YES.

Here’s my wishlist for the Teva sandals I’m currently coveting…

Teva sandals wishlist.

Teva sandals 2016

  1. Teva Original Universal in Marled Florida Keys
  2. Teva Original Universal Iridescent in Black
  3. Teva Original Universal Backpack in Grenadine
  4. Teva Flatform Universal Iridescent in White
  5. Teva Original Universal Radiant in Rose
  6. Teva Flatform Universal Crackle in Black

All complete beauts right?

What do you think of Teva sandals? Any styles you’re crushing on? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Teva Flatform Universal sandals

Total Blogger Transparency: This post contains complimentary press samples but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

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