Backpack Review: Vango Nanga 60 + 10

Choosing the right backpack is a big effing deal. Especially if you’re going to be travelling for a long period of time. But don’t worry pal, you’ve got me to test drive them for you! Today I’m reviewing a toploader backpack by Vango – the Nanga 60+ 10.

Vango Nanga 60+10

Vango’s Nanga 60+10

Firstly, I’ve expressed before that I’m toploader girl. Despite previously using travel packs (the backpacks on wheels so to speak), I just think the lightweight and ergonomic nature of a toploader is just a winner when it comes to backpacking.

So the Nanga 60+10 is off to a good start with the classic toploader layout with a large pocket to the hood and adjustable straps at the front. This means you can tailor your backpack to your trip’s needs, either by filling up the hood (I usually use it for storing underwear and bikinis) or using the empty hood to strap things to the top of the pack, such as a travel pillow or towel that won’t fall out.

Vango Nanga 60+10


My absolute fave thing about Vango’s Nanga 60+10 that I haven’t had on previous toploader backpacks is a handy zip around the front, kind of like a suitcase, for easy access. It still closes with a drawstring at the top like most backpacks but this zip means that you don’t have to pull everything out of the top if you’re looking for something. But at the same time you can still use the drawstring opening to stuff things in to the brim! (Always a plus of toploaders IMO)

I also liked that the Nanga 60+10 had random straps at the front, specifically for tying things to it. As most of us know, backpackers tend to accumulate things on their travels and a lot of us get to the point where we’re tying belongings to the front of our backpacks instead of putting them inside it! So these handy ties were great. On my Bali trip I used them to strap my J-Pillow to the front but it would also be handy for trainers.

Vango Nanga 60+10

Overall I felt like this backpack felt really compact and lightweight. You know, I was able to fit a lot of stuff inside it but it wasn’t too bulky and still felt the right size for my body. Talking of which, there are adjustable straps so you can make sure the weight is sitting at the right place and the straps are comfortable as poss.

Oh and lots and lots of exterior pockets! Got to love them for chucking in your phone charger when you’ve already packed and notice it in the plug socket… We’ve all done that right?

Anyway, a fab backpack and one I expect to be sticking around a while! Thumbs up, Vango.

Have you tried a Vango backpack? Did you like it? Let me know your backpack recommendations in the below comments or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Vango Nanga 60+10

Total Blogger Transparency: I accepted this backpack free-of-charge but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

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