5 Travel Experiences I Totally Need To Re-Visit

When you’re an avid traveller, you never want to visit the same place twice. Why would you when there’s so much of the world left to see and experience? This is even more so when you’re a travel blogger. You always want new and exciting content for your blog from your travels and no-one wants to read about the same thing twice…

Well there are a few exceptions to this rule and I have a list of travel destinations and experiences that I really want to re-visit. Because quite frankly I’m just not done with them yet…

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon


1. Helicopter Ride

In 2009 I took a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon and loved every minute of it. I was travelling solo in a helicopter full of strangers but I was still smiling like a goon the whole damn time. There’s that element of danger with helicopters I think that gives you a bit of a thrill. Plus the fact that you can get up close and personal with somewhere like the Grand Canyon without the need to go hiking and risk the whole 127 hours thing, you know?

Well I think it’s about time I had another spin in a chopper, tbh. If you have any recommendations on the best places to do this then let me know!


Manarola, Cinque Terre


2. Cinque Terre

Ok ok, I know I only visited Cinque Terre LAST YEAR. But I’m still not over it. Gorgeous, brightly-coloured houses on stunning cliffs with lovely people and bloody good restaurants… ohemgee take me back. At least twice a week Josh and I talk about how amazing it was to wake up in our own personal villa at La Francesca Resort in Levanto, to a beautiful skyline of the sea and mountains and not another soul in sight. Actual heaven.

Obvs I have some other priorities on my hitlist beforehand, but I’m telling you, I’m going back to Cinque Terre. I don’t care if you’re sick of the photos on Instagram, it’s happening.


Valloire ski trip 2002

3. Skiing

I’ve been skiing exactly twice in my life. Both trips were in my early teens, both were school trips with my class pals. They were great trips, one to France (Valloire pictured above) and one to Italy, but I was way too young to appreciate them. I was also too young to appreciate the Après-Ski and awesome parties that go along with it.

So it’s on my list, I definitely need to try skiing again as an adult. I’ve actually been eyeing up Iglu Ski for last minute ski holidays. Fresh snow on the Alps today? Let’s go this weekend! That’s my kind of spontaneity. And they rate resorts based on how good the Après-Ski action is, because you know, that’s a crucial factor, right?

So skiing needs to happen soon. Especially seeing as I have my retro ski jacket post-Iceland!


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

4. San Francisco

I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO. It’s a song because it’s a thing, guys. I spent 3 amazing days in San Fran in 2009 and it wasn’t enough. It’s a quirky and vibrant city chocka full of cool things to do and lovely people to meet and vintage stores to shop at and smoothie bars to go to… And you know, it’s the home of Ben & Jerry’s so there’s that.

I went as part of my Contiki tour so didn’t feel like I had as much free time as I needed in the glorious city by the bay. Next time: all the food.

This one is in the priority list and I’m hoping to be able to make a trip across the pond next year. Here’s hoping I save enough pennies!


Jucy Campervan - Australia

5. Campervan Road Trip

This has got to be on everyone’s bucket list right? A road trip with your besties combined with camping so it’s basically a festival IMO. In 2011 I did two road trips across Australia in a Jucy van – one from Brisbane to Sydney and one from Melbourne to Sydney – and both were epic. You do what you want, when you want, without depending on anyone. It’s liberating and fun and that kind of freedom doesn’t come along every day.

Whether on my Australia trip at the end of this year or in America hopefully next year, I’m defo going to spring for a camper at some point. A campervan road trip never gets old. Fact.

Is there anywhere you’ve been that you’re dying to re-visit? Or any travel experiences you need to do again? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!


Total Blogger Transparency: This was a collaborative post with Iglu Ski and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

2 thoughts on “5 Travel Experiences I Totally Need To Re-Visit

  • 25th June 2016 at 11:11 pm

    I’m a massive fan for visiting new places, new cultures and having new experiences but I think there’s also something to be said for revisiting a place. You get to know it a bit better and a bit more indepth and I think that’s a cool way to travel. By either revisiting a place and seeing all the nooks and crannies or spending a longer period of time in a destination. I’ll always want to go back to Hong Kong, Sydney, Barcelona and New York. I love all these places and I know there’s no way I’ve seen everything I want to see there yet 🙂


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