What’s In Your Carry-On, Sophie’s Suitcase?

It’s been a while since I ran my ‘What’s in your Carry-On?’ guest feature, mainly because I’ve been super busy with my travels (Amsterdam, Iceland and Bali so far this year!) as well as in my personal life (new job, new house, general life admin). But my wonderful blogger friend Sophie Davis, off of the award-winning blog Sophie’s Suitcase, has come to my rescue and sent over an account of the contents of her hand luggage on her recent trip to Morocco! She’s one of my fave travel bloggers so go check out her blog or follow her on Twitter @sophiessuitcse.

Take it away, Soph!

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?


I am such an organised person, often too much. But my organisation does help when it comes to travel. I pack my carry on way in advance of travelling as I like to be prepared, after all you never know what might happen.

On my most recent trip to Morocco only had a 10kg suitcase carry-on and then a small shoulder bag as I was flying with Ryanair. This is handy as it meant I could still have a small bag on my side with all the essentials.

This included things like passports (both me and Theo’s as I like to know where they are at all times – FYI he lost his in Berlin airport last year!), paracetamol, sunglasses, a travel magazine and my trusty Emirates airlines vanity pouch which I keep my eye mask, toothbrush and earplugs in. I have kept this little pouch for years simply because it is so god damn handy!

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?


  • Passport – I am on a mission to fill every page before it expires, I have five years and a handful of pages left.
  • Travel wallet – Because even the most organised traveller gets confused.
  • Travel money – I normally take a travel card, or if like my most recent trip to Morocco, I took cash.

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?


  • iPhone – You never know when you might need this trusty thing. I use it to make notes, write blog posts, listen to music, check the weather, post on social media… the list goes on.
  • My inhaler – I need to know where it is at all times!
  • Paracetamol – I can’t deal with pain so better to quash ASAP.
  • Phizz – I love these!
  • Deodorant – To keep me smelling fresh!
  • Suncream – Just in case.

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?


  • Power bank – There is nothing more important these days than a power bank. I’m joking, obvs, but it is a vital piece of equipment for me owning an iPhone you never know when that bad boy will die.
  • A Travel Magazine – the best kind of magazine. I can get lost in a magazine about travel for hours. It fills me with wanderlust! This time is was AFAR magazine and I also took Glamour.
  • My pouch – This includes my earplugs, eye mask and toothbrush. Stay fresh gals!
  • Sunglasses – At least two, if one breaks, you have another!
  • The Body Shop serum – keeps my skin hydrated and oil-free.

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?


  • Keys – I didn’t mean to take my keys to Morocco but I did. Ah well.
  • Toilet roll – It’s a complete nightmare when you are busting for the loo but there isn’t any bloody loo roll. As I said – always be prepared.
  • Lip salve – I hate the aircon on flights as my skin dries up, I feel like I can’t breathe and my lips chap so this Nivea lip salve is my saviour.
  • Snacks – Always need snacks.

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?


Always roll, never fold. Clothes will arrive neatly un-creased and you’ll even have been able to fit more in. Score!

Travel well, travel safe and travel lots. Love Sophie x

What's in your carry-on, Sophie's Suitcase?

Thank you for your contribution Sophie! Read more about Sophie’s travels on her blog, Sophie’s Suitcase.

If you are a seasoned traveller and would like to share what’s in your carry-on, please get in touch! You can tweet me at @HeelsInBackpack or email hello@heelsinmybackpack.com!

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