Yay! My Fuji Instax Mini from Glamour!

I’ve been eyeing up these Fuji Instax Minis for a while now. There’s something nostalgic and care-free about instant photography that just appeals to me. There’s no checking out your reflection in your phone to make sure you have the perfect selfie and you only get one shot at it, there’s no do-overs, so everything just seems more natural. So I was thinking of investing in one.


I bloody went and won my very own Instax Mini 70 in a competition! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I KNOW.

Instax Mini 70 on the plane to Amsterdam

If you read Glamour Magazine, you may already be familiar with their ‘Glamour To Go’ competition that always runs in the footer of their Letters page. Here’s the deal – you take a photo of you and your copy of Glamour magazine in an exotic location and send it in for a chance to win a prize.

The prize is always different so I wasn’t really sure what I was entering for (other than glory) but lucky for me Glamour are currently partnered up with Fujifilm to give away an Instax Mini 70 each month! AND I WON ONE.

With this slightly grainy photo of me at the leaning tower of Pisa on my Italy trip at the end of last year.

Glamour To Go in Pisa

I actually can’t believe how lucky I am at the moment. I’ve never won anything in my entire life (like literally not even a tenner on the lottery) and then I won three mega prizes all in a few months. There’s my Bali holiday I won at WTM that I’ll be going on in May (stay tuned), a weekend away in Northumberland in April that I won in Travel Candy‘s competition and now a kickass instant camera! I’M ON FIRE, GURL.

Ok I’ll stop being a dick, back to the camera.

Well to fill you in, the camera is awesome. Although the film only captures 10 shots, it means I’m a lot pickier with what I take photos of, so I end up with a highlight reel. Like these few I took in Amsterdam of me and my pals:

Amsterdam Instax Mini snaps

Oh and I took a selfie with my mum at the Warner Bros Studio Tour the other day. Can I just say, how did I get this flawless complexion from this camera?! I’m no longer going to be seen in high resolution photos guys, it’s just not flattering enough for my liking. No-one needs to see the beginnings of crow’s feet.

Instax Mini 70 at Warner Bros Studio Tour

Ok that’s all for now, I just wanted to share this sick news with you. And thank Glamour Magazine and Fujifilm for the Instax Mini 70! I totally heart it.

Stay tuned for more Instax images creeping up on the Heels In My Backpack Instagram feed…

What do you think of my new Instax? Do you rate it? And am I a total dick to keep hogging all the comps? Soz, my bad. Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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