6 Foods You HAVE To Try In Amsterdam.

As you know, I always compile a foodie bucket list before any trip. I don’t want to miss out on all of the culinary delights and delectable treats on offer after all! Well Amsterdam was no different and true to tradition, I ate everything I set my eyes on. So here’s my top 6 food items you absolutely have to try when you’re there.

Old Amsterdam cheese

The Dutch like their cheese. And that’s one of the reasons I like the Dutch. Take a wander around Amsterdam and you will see a load of specialist cheese shops – that’s right, just selling cheese! Heaven.

Cheese shop, Amsterdam

Cheese shop, Amsterdam

I even found one that did cheese AND bakery goods! *Drops the mic.*

Cheese shop, Amsterdam

You’ll get your standard Dutch varieties such as Edam and Gouda, but Old Amsterdam is a special local cheese you’ll see everywhere, so was on my list to try. Verdict? It’s pretty good, kinda mature and nutty. But it tastes best on a burger… Talking of which…


Frites are what the Dutch call chips, and they’re a pretty big deal here. You usually eat them out of a cone (like British chip shops) but with lots of sauces thrown on, and you’ll see them advertised all over town.

Frites in Amsterdam

Instead of opting for a cone, I tried some dans un cheeseburger (with Old Amsterdam cheese) from Burger Bar. This is like a Subway for burgers where you build your own with toppings and sauces. It was awesome. The chips were quite similar to british seaside chips I thought, but the garlic sauce added a nice touch.

Burger Bar in Amsterdam

Burger Bar in Amsterdam


I don’t know if bagels are meant to be a thing in Amsterdam but I saw them everywhere and they seem to have delicious flavour combos you don’t really see in the UK.

This one was from a local cafe in the Zuid area and had pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes and rocket, and was a total dream. YES.

Bagels in Amsterdam


Ahhh Poffertjes are what I was most looking forward to in Amsterdam. The little mini-pancakes topped with icing sugar and various other toppings are a delicacy here so I had to try them. I went for the basic sugar variety but added a dash of maple syrup and they were bloody delicious, I definitely recommend them.

Poffertjes pancakes in Amsterdam

Poffertjes pancakes in Amsterdam

These ones were from Old Dutch Pancakes near the flower market in the centre of the city and are apparently the best in Amsterdam (according to them). Well I certainly liked them.

Old Dutch Pancakes in Amsterdam

Old Dutch Pancakes in Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a cultural thing where people go to cafes after work to drink a few beers and have some nibbles. This normally involves bitterballen (meatballs in breadcrumbs) and a variety of croquettes. Now, I was totally up for trying the bitterballen until I saw that they were veal, which I’m not a fan of, so I opted for the croquettes instead.

These ones are from Ton Ton Bar near the Red Light District and had rocket and cheese in them. They were bloody gorgeous. I could get used to this after work nibbles tradition…

Arugula Cheese Croquettes in Amsterdam

Arugula Cheese Croquettes in Amsterdam


Ugh, ok hands up, I didn’t eat stroopwafel when I was in Amsterdam. But I know it’s a big effing deal so I’ve added it here anyway. Stroopwafel are layers of wafer and caramel and you usually have them with a coffee, balancing it on top of your drink so it gets warm. But I only didn’t get it because I’ve had them at home a few times (they sell them in Cafe Nero folks) and they’re not really my jam. I had a regular waffle though, does that count?!

Waffel in Amsterdam

Stroopwafel are super cheap though so worth trying if you stop for a coffee when you’re off exploring.

Ok, that’s your lot. Lots of delicious things you need to go try in Amsterdam. Writing these posts always makes me hungry so I’m off to find food.

Have you tried any of these foods in Amsterdam? What was your verdict? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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