Heels On The High Street – January 2016

As you can probably tell from the name of this blog, I like a good pair of heels and I am a champion for taking a pair with you on your travels. So I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair that fit the bill. Here’s the checklist:

  • They can’t take up massive amounts of space in your backpack.
  • They shouldn’t be too heavy.
  • They need to go with most of your travel capsule wardrobe.
  • They should be as comfy as possible.

It’s no mean feat, I know. But you guys have me, and I’m here to bring you the best on the High Street right now.

Here’s the January 2016 edit, folks.

January has been hard work as it’s mostly sale out there, and by this point in the month it’s all crap, let’s face it. A few retailers have kicked off SS16 though so a few gems! So I’ve been hunting through the ‘New In’ sections for you beauts…


ASOS is always a winner for travelling clothes in my book, and their heels are always fabulous. This month we have some gold heeled sandals which will glam up any outfit, a couple pairs of oh-so-chic pointed numbers and these banging yellow block heels. Ok ok, I know these yellow ones are way too chunky for travelling, they’ll take up way too much room, but come on… How pretty, right? The best part is that ASOS shoes are always affordable so these range from £25 – £42. Bargs.

ASOS Heels - January 2016


Mmm, Topshop are officially winning the mid-heel game. Have you seen this gorgeousness?! The best part is that the mid-heel means they will all be comfortable enough to wear all the time and take up less room in your backpack. And, you know, they’re hitting like every shoe trend. You want lace-ups? You want cut-outs? You want ankle straps? Topshop’s got it all, baby. Still pretty affordable as well with prices of these bad boys ranging from £29 – £48.

Topshop Heels - Jan 2016


Office shoes tend to be a little more expensive but are usually  made from much better quality materials so will last a lot longer on your trip. This month they have some lovely ankle strap numbers available as well as a gorgeous pair of cobalt blue T-bars, delicious. LIke I said a bit more expensive on these so they range from £45 – £72. But look how pretty…

Office Shoes - Jan 2016

Kurt Geiger

Alright I know what you’re thinking now, the budget may just be able to stretch to Office shoes, but Kurt Geiger? What are you thinking, Kara? Ok I know I know, you’re budgeting for your trip right now. But quite frankly, there’s not much on the High Street this month! And to be fair I’ve actually seen a pair or two of KGs on the backpacker trail. If you’re only going to wear one pair of heels for an extended period of time, shouldn’t they be high quality and fabulous? There’s more of the cut-out trend in this selection along with a continuation of the Ghillie trend with the cobalt blue numbers (I really like cobalt blue shoes, clearly). Yeah so these are expensive, ranging from £95-£100. Investment, right?

KG Heels - Jan 2016


Heels Of The Month

That’s your lot this month. But who is the lucky winner of my ‘Heels Of The Month award… Drum roll, please…

Heels Of The Month - Jan '16

Yep, these Topshop numbers were my faves this week. I think they’re just perfect for travelling – the comfy mid-heel, the bang-on trend lace-up detail, they’ll go with everything, and they’re only £36! Well played, Topshop.

What did you think of the Heels On The High Street this month? Did the Heels Of The Month Award go to your faves? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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