New Year, New Brows: Billion Dollar Brows Review

Eyebrows can make or break your look. Fact. They can’t be too thin or too thick, they can’t be too dark or too sparse, this is the world that we live in. Brows are a big effing deal.

When I’m travelling, eyebrow pencil is my bare minimum make-up. If I’m tanning on the beach or out in the wilderness where make-up isn’t really acceptable, my most minimal make-up look is moisturiser, SPF lip balm and eyebrow pencil. Brows are essential.

Billion Dollar Brows

So I’m always on the look out for a new eyebrow product that will make me the envy of Cara Delevingne, AKA the queen of eyebrows.

Well I came across a new brand recently, Billion Dollar Brows, that have been present in salons for years but have only just made the jump into retail. So I wanted to give them a go to see if they could make my travelling look effortlessly chic. Is that so much to ask?

Billion Dollar Brows Kits

Billion Dollar Brows

First up, I tried BDB’s 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows kit. I mean, if you’re running off to catch a boat to another Thai Island, or need to run to catch a train to the Blue Mountains, this brow application needs to be speedy. So 60 seconds sounds ideal really.

60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows consists of two products, a Taupe Brow Powder and a Dual-Ended Brow Brush to apply it with. I loved the brush as the brush side was stable enough to create a defined line with the powder without flicking it all over your face (like fluffier brushes), and the wand side was perfect for blending. And I always think that’s the key to great brows, a good blend so they don’t look too drawn-on.

60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit

The powder was good but I’m not massively used to powder so it was a lot more subtle than I’m used to (I’m a fan of a power-brow). And this meant that it definitely took me more than 60 seconds to apply. But I’m guessing the point of using brow powder is that you don’t have to be so precise with it so that it’s more of a natural look.

If you want to try out the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows kit, you can get yours here.

The second product I tried from BDB was their Best Sellers Kit, a selection of four of their most popular products in one gift set. Perfect for me to try out!

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit

The first product in this kit was the Universal Brow Pencil. This is more my kind of eyebrow tool, a mechanical eyebrow pencil with a wand on the other end for blending. I loved this one, it was exactly my kind of thing, with a smooth application for a more defined eyebrow. And that blending wand that I adore so much in the same product! I will definitely be investing in more of this one. It’s good to note that as you build up the colour it can be used for all hair colours and skin types… Saves the drama finding the right shade doesn’t it?

Next was the Brow Duo Pencil. This is a chunky double ended pencil – one side is a concealer and the other is a highlighter for your brow bone. I’m a big advocate for brow bone highlighting, I just think it gives awesome definition to your brows and generally just improves the look of your bone structure. I’ve been using the Soap & Glory one until now, but I definitely like the BDB version better as it’s more matte and less luminous. So it looks more natural.

Billion Dollar Brows

The Best Sellers Kit also comes with a Smudge Brush which is very similar to the brush side of the dual-ended brush in the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows kit. This one is slightly wider though and is for blending in the highlighter and concealer of the Brow Pencil Duo. It did the job well and saved me blending with my fingers so it gets top marks.

Lastly is the Brow Gel. A classic ‘top coat’-esque product to keep your brows in place. I’ve never actually used one of these before as my eyebrow hairs don’t tend to be that long but a friend of mine swears by them to tame her brows. It was definitely effective and didn’t flake, so worth trying for those of you that need to keep your brows in place!

If you want to try out the Best Sellers Kit, you can get yours here.

Billion Dollar Brows

Overall I really like the Billion Dollar Brows range and think the Universal Brow Pencil has secured it’s place in my travel make-up bag for a while! You should definitely check them out if you’re in the market for new eyebrow products. There’s a massive range available at Boots, you can check it out here!

Have you tried any products by Billion Dollar Brows? What did you think? Do you always take eyebrow products with you on your travels? Leave a comment below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Billion Dollar Brows

This post is sponsored by Billion Dollar Brows and I have accepted free samples to review. However, please note that all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t play you like that shorty. 

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