Christmas Gift Guide For The Girly Backpacker

It’s Christmasssss! And of course that means lots of mulled wine and cheese boards, board games with the fam, festive nights out with your friends and belting out ‘Last Christmas’ on the night bus home. But it’s also a great time to use gift s to top up on all of the things you need for travelling!

Obvs it’s not all about presents at this time of year. But when you’re tightening the purse strings in preparation for the big trip, Christmas gifts are the perfect opportunity to stock up on all of the travel accessories and gadgets that you need. So make sure you make a wishlist for your nearest and dearest!

In light of this, I’ve come up with my own Christmas wishlist this year. You’ll need to obviously include the essentials like your sleeping bag liner, first aid kit and travel washing line in your list, but here I’ve focused on the nicer things to unwrap! Those lovely things every chic and girly backpacker needs/wants.

Travel Journal

My Travel Journal by Suck UK

Everyone needs a travel journal to document their trip and I love to try new ones out (as you probably already knew from the many reviews on this blog!). This one by Suck UK looks pretty cool so is the next one on my list. It retails at £20 and you can buy one here.

Glitter Unicorn Wash Bag

Skinny Dip Unicorn Wash Bag

I love a fun new wash bag. When you’re taking it to the hostel bathrooms every day, it needs to look good. And what could be better than one with glittery unicorns on it?! This hails from Skinny Dip London for £12 and you can check it out here.

Personalised Retro Leather Camera Strap

Personalised Camera Strap

I’m super excited to be getting a new SLR camera for Christmas from the boyf this year, so I think this lovely personalised camera strap from Not On The High Street is a completely gorgeous gift. Sure it’s not an essential, but so gorge and something you can actually take away with you. This bad boy is £47.50 and you can buy one here.

Cubic Print Gadget Pouches

Mi-Pac Pouches

Gotta keep the gadgets and the travel documents safe when you’re on the road and these beauts from Mi-Pac are perfect. They’re bold and make a statement! Take a look here.

St Christopher Sterling Silver Travel Pendant

St Christopher Pendant

St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and although I’m not particularly religious, I really think it’s a nice token pendant to show someone in your life about to go travelling  that you hope they stay safe. This one is from Not On The High Street for £29 and you can find it here.

Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth by Rough Guides

Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth

If your trip isn’t for a while, a travel book to inspire your adventure always goes down a treat. Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth by Rough Guides is one of my personal favourites and a book I turn to a lot for travel inspiration. You can get yours on Amazon here for £12.99.

Fjällräven Kånken Mini Rucksack

Fjällräven Kånken Rucksack

You need a daypack when you’re backpacking and much like half of the hipsters in London, I’m a big fan of Fjällräven Kånken backpacks. This coral version is currently on my wishlist as it’s fashionable and practical, my favourite combination. Gets yours here from £42.

Geo 70’s Statement Earrings

Geo 70's Statement Earrings

Statement jewellery is your friend when you’re backpacking as it can instantly jazz up a casual outfit and packs small! I’m lusting over these 70’s geometric earrings at the moment, they’re so chic. They’re from Urban Outfitters and retail at £16 here.

A Gift Card For Sydney’s 360 Bar & Dining Revolving Restaurant

360 Bar & Dining, Sydney

Buying someone a travel experience for Christmas is always a good idea. It means you’re not making them feel compelled to make room in their backpack for your gift. And it enhances their adventures! I’m heading back to Australia next year and would love to try out the revolving restaurant but it’s pretty pricey, so a gift card would be great! You can buy a voucher here.

A Helicopter Ride over New York City

View from the Empire State Building , New York

STA Travel do some fabulous open-dated travel gift experiences so that you’re not tied down to a date and can use it within the year! My fave is the helicopter ride over the Big Apple from £35. What a barg right? You can get these from STA Travel stores around the country.

There you have it kids, my Christmas wishlist this year! Have any of these made your list? Anything else you’re lusting over? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

Backpacker Christmas Wishlist

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