The Pros and Cons of Travelling with your Significant Other

Montorosso, Italy

Choosing who to travel with, or deciding to go it alone, is a big decision. Especially on a long trip. If you do decide to take someone along, you’re likely to spend 24 hours a day with them after all. And you have to make sure you’re on the same wavelength in terms of what you both want from your travels.

I’ve done most versions of this – I’ve travelled alone, travelled with my best friend, travelled in a group and been on family trips and girls holidays. But only recently have I experienced the whole ‘travelling as a couple’ thing. I mean I’d been on the all-inclusive resort kind of holidays with boyfriends of Christmas past, but it’s not really the same as the ‘staying in a hostel and packing up your life everyday’ kind of trip.

So my recent experience of this on my trip to Italy has enlightened me. There are some really lovely elements of travelling with the one you love, but also some things that are just so annoying you want to slap them. So before you decide to go for it with your better half, check out these pros and cons.

PRO: You always have someone to go to dinner with.
CON: You get ridiculous food envy when they order better than you do, and have to hear about how good it was for the next fortnight.

Spaghetti Pomodoro in Riomaggiore

CON: When they’re not feeling so hot, you have to carry their bag for them.
PRO: When you’re not feeling so hot, there’s someone to carry your bag for you (score).

Someone's not happy about carrying my bag...

CON: Goodbye any form of alone time.
PRO: You always have someone to talk to.

PRO: You get to experience the romantic side of the gorgeous places you’re visiting.
CON: But it’s a bit of an anti-climax when you go back to your bunk beds in a 12 person dorm room.

Dorm Room at Manena Hostel, Genoa

CON: You have to go visit all the places they want to go.
PRO: When you visit the places you want to go, there’s someone to share it with.

CON: Because you’re the only person there, they take all of their frustrations out on you.
PRO: You have someone to vent at when you’ve left your fave top at the last hostel.

PRO: There’s always someone to take a photo of you. (No need for an embarrassing selfie stick.)
CON: After they’ve zoomed in on your face for a laugh for the 12th time, it starts to get annoying. (Anyone else’s SO do this too?!)

Riomaggiore, Italy

PRO: You have someone to play cards/hostel board games with when you’re trying to budget.
CON: Your SO is a smug winner and a sore loser so it will inevitably end in the silent treatment for one of you. (Again, just me…?)


CON: You’re going to go through some really tough times, getting lost, running out of money or being homesick.
PRO: Doing it together makes your relationship stronger.

PRO: It’s cheaper and easier to cook for two in hostels.
CON: Unless you have completely different taste in food. (Bummer.)

Bonnassola, Italy

CON: Sometimes you misplace things when one of you thinks the other person packed it.
PRO: You can share the load and pack less. Share toiletries, share travel gadgets, result.

Ok so I feel like maybe I did a few too many cons and I really do love travelling with my SO I promise! So here are a few more pros…

Genoa, Italy

PRO: You can wear their t-shirts to bed.
PRO: When you throw in a hotel stay or private room at a hostel in between the dorm stays, it feels like a really special date night.
PRO: You can sleep on journeys if they’re staying awake to look out for your stop.
PRO: It’s like you’re in a little team.

Ok a bit soppy, so shoot me.

But as you can see it isn’t all sunset selfies and romantic dinners when you’re backpacking together! I rather liked it though, despite the Connect4 incident…

I really want to hear about your experiences of travelling with your significant other! Any pros or cons I missed out?! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack!

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