Carry On Cocktails… Moscow Mule anyone?

Whenever there is a product out that is remotely to do with travel, I’m instantly interested. So when I found out about Carry On Cocktails, a range of cocktail kits designed for making your fave tipple at 30,000 feet, obviously I had to check it out.

The premise of the kits are to equip you with everything you need to accompany an in-flight bottle of the hard stuff to turn it into a beautiful cocktail. So whether your signature drink is an Old Fashioned, a G&T or a Moscow Mule, you can enjoy it whilst enroute to your next destination.

Carry On Cocktails

Now obviously this is massively flashpacking. If you couldn’t find space in your backpack for another pair of shoes, you’re hardly going to dedicate space to a tin of cocktail-making utensils. But if you’re going on a special trip I think it could be pretty funny to indulge in a fancy alcoholic beverage. It would definitely make flying more fun too. You even get a posh linen coaster… although your drink would most likely be in a plastic cup so kind of takes the edge off of it…

The Gin & Tonic kit comes with tonic syrup, jigger, bar spoon, recipe card and linen coaster.

Carry On Cocktails - G&T

The Old Fashioned kit comes with aromatic bitters, cane sugar, muddler, recipe card and linen coaster.

Carry On Cocktails - Old Fashioned

Finally, the latest in the collection, the Moscow Mule includes ginger syrup, jigger, bar spoon, recipe card and linen coaster.

Carry On Cocktails - Moscow Mule

Like I said it’s not really practical for backpacking, but I think it could be a cool gift for someone going on trip that is big into their cocktails, or for a honey moon or something? For more info, check them out here.

Pretty cool though right? Who thinks of these things…

Would you ever splurge on an in-flight cocktail kit? Have you tried them? Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @HeelsInBackpack.

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