Glastonbury Festival Top 5 Food Trucks

Kara loves Festival Food

I pretty much treated the best music festival in the world as a food fair. I just couldn’t resist the endless rows of tasty treats and the insane amount of options of world cuisine. What can I say, I’m a foodie!

So here’s my rundown of my favourite dishes at Glastonbury. Enjoy, I know I did.

1) Le Rac Shack AKA The Cheese Avalanche

Le Rac Shack Cheese Avalanche - Photo from

The name alone would make me eat anything that came out of this place. And once I saw the bubbling hot half-wheel of cheese under the grill, I was sold. This place basically take crushed new potatoes, covers it in an ‘avalanche’ of molten Raclette cheese and adds various toppings. It was so good I had it twice – once just with cornichons and slaw, and then with roasted veggies. Its bloody delicious. At the 2015 festival, this stand was located in the bandstand area near the pyramid stage. I hope it’s still there next year…

2) Anna Mae’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Anna Mae's Mac & Cheese - Photo from
This retro stand screamed out to me from the row of food trucks in the bandstand area. I mean firstly it’s mac and cheese, so duh. Then there was this sign.

Mac Not Crack.

MAC NOT CRACK. Yes Anna Mae. Then I saw the names of the dishes – Kanye Western, Annie Mac and The Spicy Juan. I’m sold. The Kanye Western consisted of cut up hotdogs, bbq sauce and crispy onions. It was delicious and full of flavour which isn’t always the case with mac and cheese out of a trailer. A top notch lunch.

The Kanye Western Mac & Cheese

3) Falafel
This is easily the best falafel I’ve ever had. In a flatbread with houmous, black olives, feta and a tonne of salad. Healthy, fairly cheap and just gorgeous. The best part is this stall was located just outside the entrance to The Park so I walked up the hill and enjoyed my falafel with a view.

*UPDATE: Falafel will give you £1.50 off your meal at Glasto 2016 if you quote this blog! Get in. *

Glastonbury Falafel

Glastonbury - The Park

4) The Soulful Food Company

The Soulful Food Company - Photo from
A cute little silver van that could easily be missed in the walk between the pyramid stage and the other stage, but definitely shouldn’t. The butternut squash and spinach curry with mixed grains I had from this van was outstandingly good. I could feel the vitamins curing my hangover and it was just delicious. My boyfriend had the beef chilli and also gave it top marks.

5) Chunky Chips and Wicked Dips

Chunky Chips & Wicked Dips
Sometimes you need something quick and easy to fill you up and a nice bowl of chip shop style chips with curry sauce definitely does the trick. This was the cheapest meal I bought at Glastonbury and one of the most satisfying. It was located near the Left Field stage and I hear gravy is also a good option.

Honourable Mentions

Because I ate everything I could at Glastonbury I have a few more to mention here!

Buddha Bowls (near Soulful Food) is a tub of massaman curry goodness with brown rice, veggies, halloumi and seeds. Delicious.

Buddha Bowls

Spicy Indian Wraps is near the Left Field stage and the chicken and spinach wrap was lovely, albeit at the top of my spice tolerance!

Spicy Indian Wraps

The Cheese Truck is one of the coolest-looking vans. They had 2 locations this year – one at Greenpeace and one near the giant polar bear by the Other Stage. A beautiful mozzarella toastie did the trick after a night of partying.

The Cheese Truck

There you have it fellow foodies. I realise I’m ridiculous for dedicating an entire post to festival food but it really was amazing. Bon appetit!

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